Can Fillers Treat Those Annoying Dark Circles?

Under Eye Filler

By Emel Gerdaneri • Medical review by Gokce Haspolat, MD

Can Fillers Treat Those Annoying Dark Circles?

Ask Google "how to treat bruises" and you'll find products ranging from cold cucumbers to metal spoons to creams that hold great promise. What about under-eye fillers for those dark circles?

It would seem that this treatment could be the occasion for you to completely ditch your full-coverage concealer. How injections help treat dark circles, Physician Gokce Haspolat  MD says:
Gokce Haspolat
“We use fillers to shape the face or strengthen contours. Likewise, under-eye injections have the benefit of adding volume and reducing shadows caused by dark colors.

If we make injections into your under-eye area, also known as under-eye light filler, we can also correct the "puffiness" or cavities caused by under-eye bags.

What Types Of Injections Are Used?

types of injectionsEach patient requires an examination and a customized approach to help determine the most appropriate injection for their needs.

However, the main fillers used for dark circles contain hyaluronic acid. These are thin fillers that avoid the pillow fluff effect or clumping.

What is the Cause Of Detention Bruise?

cause of detention bruiseSome people experience dark circles due to naturally occurring under-eye hollowing as we age and our skin loses collagen and fat.

In these cases, they may always see dark circles under their eyes, no matter how many hours they sleep. Allergies, pigmentation problems and even dehydration can cause it.

In most cases, the dark part of the under eye circle is the result of blood vessels close to the skin. I would like to emphasize that padding is not always the solution in this scenario.

What Happens During the Appointment?

during the appointmentAfter chatting with a doctor about your concerns and goals and the two of you identifying a course of treatment, it's time to give the injections a real shot.

We use microcannulas, ie thin, needle-like blunt-tipped instruments, to insert the fillers. These tools are beneficial for the delicate under eye area as they do not puncture blood vessels and help prevent bruising.

It also reduces the likelihood of certain risks, such as atherosclerosis, a serious complication that can occur when fillers are injected incorrectly.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Under-Eye Filler?

side effects of under eye fillerIt probably won't surprise you that your under-eye area is quite sensitive. Therefore, from the beginning, I would like to say that you may feel a slight pain during the procedure.

However, we use numbing cream to relieve discomfort. You may experience mild bruising, swelling, or redness for up to a week after your appointment.

How Long Does It Persist?

under eye filler before and afterWhen hyaluronic acid fillers are applied under the eyes, it typically takes about 12 months to dose. Note that it varies from person to person and also depends on the filler used.

Because the fillers are eventually absorbed by your skin, one's metabolic system will play a role in how quickly they dissolve.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

sessionsI usually do it in 2 sessions. I open the 1st tube, apply it to the under eye, and apply the rest after 10 days at the control.

If 1 ml is needed again, I do it 10 days after the control, this is why my patient does not have any swelling or side effects. Detention needs to be slow and sensitive.

Written on 18/05/2022


Last Update: 13/10/2022

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