6 Basic Steps for Online Consultation Preparation

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

6 Basic Steps for Online Consultation Preparation

With the recent Coronavirus pandemic, online consultation, which shines once again, are very useful, especially for foreign patients.

The online consultation, which we can include in the scope of telemedicine, is of course also extremely important for plastic surgeons and doctors.

Patients who can communicate with a doctor, general nurse or physician assistant via telemedicine can express their concerns within the scope of the treatment they are interested in.
online doctor
It allows the doctor to remotely evaluate, diagnose and even recommend a different treatment.
Of course, there is no substitute for an in-person physical consultation, but for many treatments, the virtual consultation can respond to the patient's needs and allow both the patient and the medical provider to decide whether it is right for them.

Sending an informative instruction sheet to your patient before the online consultation will save you time.

Of course, you can have an efficient online consultation by following the 6 steps below:

Just BEFORE Online Consultation:

Come on time. Choose a private, well-lit room with the least distractions

Make sure your device (mobile or computer) is connected to a strong WiFi network

Test the device's camera and microphone

Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

Have your patient's number ready in case you encounter a problem with the connection.

Have pen and paper to write down important points about your patient.

Written on 30/03/2022


Last Update: 03/06/2022

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