Doctor's Agreement


    1. This User Agreement (“Agreement”); Andnewme Elektronik Hizmetleri ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi ("Andnewme"), registered in the Istanbul Trade Registry with the registration number 20583-5, established in the center of Esentepe Mahallesi Talatpaşa Caddesi Kolektif House No: 5/1 Levent Şişli/Istanbul provided by domain website ("Website") and mobile application-like platforms determined by Andnewme ("Andnewme Platform" together with the Website). It regulates the terms and details regarding the use of Andnewme Platform as a Visitor and Member ("User") to be defined below, including service and other related opportunities.

    2. This Agreement, from the moment the User accesses the Andnewme Platform for one of the purposes of visiting the Andnewme Platform, becoming a member of the Andnewme Platform and / or benefiting from the content and / or services offered on the Andnewme Platform. It regulates the conditions to which the The provisions that the User will be subject to in this Agreement may vary depending on the visitor or member titles that the User will gain according to the motivation of accessing the Andnewme Platform.


    1. The definitions contained in this Agreement should be understood as defined below, unless expressly stated otherwise:

    2. Device(s)

      It shall mean a computer, tablet, smart phone and other electronic device(s) capable of running the main current internet browsers in its category, preferably with video calling and speech features.

      Content Provider

      Within the scope of the Internet Law, it shall mean natural or legal persons who produce, change and provide any information or data presented over the Internet.

      Internet Law

      It shall mean the Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of Broadcasts Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Broadcasts.


      Means the person(s) who create an account by filling out the membership form on the Andnewme Platform and completing the necessary procedures and using the Andnewme Platform for the purpose of receiving service.

      Host Provider

      Within the scope of Internet Law, it shall mean natural or legal persons who provide or operate systems hosting services and content.


    1. This Agreement is valid for the Doctor whose detailed description is given above. This Agreement must be read before starting the steps to create a membership account by the Doctor.

    2. It will be understood that the Doctor accepts and approves the terms written in this Agreement, together with creating a membership account on Andnewme Platform. In the event that some or all of the conditions regulated in the Contract are not accepted by the Doctor, one should not become a member of the Andnewme Platform as a Doctor or the use of the Platform as a Doctor should be stopped.

    3. By Andnewme; Updates that may be made regarding the Doctor on the Andnewme Platform from time to time are also within the scope of this Agreement, and the Doctor continues to use the Andnewme Platform and/or benefit from the opportunities within the Andnewme Platform; means that these updates are tacitly approved by the Doctor. For the changes made against the Doctor, a separate approval will be obtained from the Doctor.

    4. In case of any change in this Agreement, the updated Agreement will be published by Andnewme via an accessible link on Andnewme Platform. The updated Agreement will be in effect from the time of publication with its favorable clauses and all current or future Physicians will be subject to the updated terms. If the renewed Agreement is not accepted by the Doctor, the use of Andnewme Platform as a Doctor should be terminated immediately.

  4. Andnewme PLAPHORUS

    1. Andnewme Platform; A place where the Doctor can answer questions about aesthetic applications by logging into his account on the Andnewme Platform via the Device and/or via his e-mail address, contact the Members for physical examination requests via the add-ons on the Andnewme Platform, and share articles and news about his areas of expertise. platform.


    1. Completing the membership required for the Doctor to use the Andnewme Platform as a Doctor; It consists of three stages: creating an account, submitting a request to join, and an approval process. Andnewme reserves the right to change membership creation methods.

    2. Without prejudice to Andnewme's right to make changes so that the Doctor can create an account; Andnewme Platform from Andnewme itself, including but not limited to user name, name, surname, phone number, website, city of service, e-mail address, information about the universities from which he graduated and received specialization, branch information for which he received specialization, certificate of eligibility for practice, diploma certificate. In order to be able to serve in .

    3. In order to complete the membership process, the e-mail address information provided to Andnewme Platform must be correct and up-to-date. In this context, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address in order to confirm that the e-mail address is correct and up-to-date. If the confirmation e-mail is not approved, the Doctor will not be able to continue with the membership process.

    4. In the approval process following the participation request process, Andnewme may, at its sole discretion, approve or reject the Doctor's request for membership. If Andnewme responds positively to the participation request, the approval process also ends and the Doctor's membership is completed.


    1. Doctor, with the completion of the membership process, to his profile on Andnewme Platform;

      1. Information of the universities from which you graduated and received specialization,

      2. Specialized branch information,

      3. Training information after education

      4. Information about current and past health institutions,

      5. Information about the awards and certificates received,

      6. Contact and address information,

      7. Social media profiles,

      8. Website link,

      9. Information, photographs and other materials regarding the treatments performed,

      10. Videos and articles,

      11. Like the types of aesthetic applications of interest

      12. will be able to personalize her profile by adding information and materials.

    2. In case the password used to login to the membership account is forgotten; The doctor will be able to request that a password reset option e-mail be sent to the e-mail address specified during the account creation phase.


    1. The Doctor will access the Andnewme Platform through Devices that are under his sole responsibility and through a valid internet connection.

    2. Doctor, by accessing Andnewme Platform;

      1. Sharing the treatment processes related to aesthetic applications,

      2. Taking part in Andnewme Platform by filtering by name, surname, field of specialization, city and/or type of treatment through the profile that it will personalize,

      3. Sharing the social media profiles and website link that Members can access so that they can get detailed information about their professional life,

      4. Sharing visuals in order to provide more descriptive information in the content to be published regarding her professional experience, treatment methods she is interested in, and questions directed to her,

      5. Answering the questions regarding the aesthetic practices directed by the members to him/her,

      6. Sharing other content such as photos, videos, articles and news related to aesthetic applications,

      7. Contacting Members through various plugins on Andnewme Platform for physical examination requests made by Members or creating a suitable time zone record to communicate with them,

      8. Contacting Members through third-party applications or platforms directed by Andnewme Platform,

      9. Responding to the estimated price offer request directed by the Members to the treatment they are interested in, in a closed environment that will not be visible on the Andnewme Platform,

      10. Accessing various statistical data such as patient satisfaction rate, number of profile visitors, Doctor score,

      11. Members have the right to respond to comments and/or experiences they share about themselves.

    3. In cases where the Doctor communicates with the Member via the Andnewme Platform through the option of video or written conversation, the conversation between the Member and the Doctor may be conducted over the third platform and applications, and the conversation and shared content that will take place within the scope of this article are the responsibility of the Member and the Doctor.

    4. The Doctor has the right to act and operate only for himself within the scope of this Agreement, and cannot transfer his rights and obligations under this Agreement to any third party in whole or in part. cannot make it available for use, cannot share account information with third parties.

    5. The doctor is solely responsible for the accuracy, validity and up-to-dateness of the information he will transmit during the account creation and personalization stages.

    6. Doctor; He states that the information he provides at the stages of creating an account and personalizing his profile belongs to him, and that they are used by the Law No. 1219 on the Practice of Medicine and Medical Sciences, the Regulation on Medical Deontology, the Regulation on the Job and Job Definitions of Healthcare Professionals and Other Professionals Working in Health Services, and the Ethics of Medicine. It accepts, declares and undertakes that it has forwarded it to Andnewme in accordance with all applicable legal regulations and secondary legislation provisions (together “Physician Rules”) regulating medicine and health services, including but not limited to its rules.

    7. Doctor; User name, name, surname, photo, graduated and specialized universities, post-training internship, received awards and certificates, social media profiles, website link, address, current and past health institutions worked, videos and articles are made public on the Andnewme Platform. declares.

    8. Doctor, while using Andnewme Platform;

      1. To act in accordance with the Medical Rules,

      2. It will carry out its activities in good faith and in line with the rule of honesty,

      3. Members will not use Doctor points, which are a thank you announcement, as an advertisement element,

      4. Not to mislead, alarm or mislead users,

      5. Not to engage in any behavior that may lead to unfair competition among colleagues,

      6. Not be able to benefit from various privileges and features that are granted to Doctors who are members of the Platform by using the Paid Membership type and that allow them to stand out on the Andnewme Platform and be more accessible to the Members,

      7. Not to benefit from intermediary persons for the purpose of gaining any benefit to himself and/or other third parties,

      8. The member cannot request the removal of positive or negative comments and/or shared experiences from Andnewme Platform,

      9. Agrees, declares and undertakes to keep any information provided to her by the member confidential in line with the obligation to keep it confidential.

    9. The Doctor will be able to be informed about the questions and physical examination requests sent to him by the Members through Andnewme Platform and/or by e-mail sent to the e-mail address specified by him during the membership process. The doctor is authorized to approve or reject the sending of instant notification messages by Andnewme in this context.

    10. Texts, video clips, files within the Andnewme Platform, in a way that interferes with the personal rights of Doctor, Andnewme and/or other third parties within the scope of this Agreement, intellectual property rights or property rights under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846, It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not reproduce, distribute, copy and/or process databases, visuals and content, workflow panels and functions or any other element specially designed for Andnewme Platform.

    11. Doctor accepts, declares and declares that he/she will not perform any actions that may harm, prevent access, overload or damage content and media providers, websites, goods or services or software belonging to or associated with Andnewme. commits.

    12. Doctor; including transmitting worms, viruses, spyware, malware, or any other harmful or blocking code; It cannot block or interrupt Andnewme Platform servers or networks connected to Andnewme Platform; It may not add content or codes that in any way alter or interfere with the way Andnewme Platform is displayed or displayed on other users' Devices. The Doctor may not engage in any similar attempt to disrupt the integrity and performance of the Andnewme Platform, including but not limited to reverse engineering, decompilation, infiltration, tampering, reversing, copying activities.

    13. The Doctor may terminate this Agreement at any time by stopping the use of his membership on the Andnewme Platform.


    1. Andnewme accepts that it will fulfill its obligations under the Internet Law.

    2. Andnewme has the right to reject the request to join, by examining the information sent to it during the joining request process, which is one of the membership completion processes of Andnewme Platform.

    3. Andnewme is obliged to send an approval notification for membership applications for which it has responded positively to the approval process.

    4. Andnewme is obliged to publish the information made public by the Doctor on the Andnewme Platform.

    5. Andnewme is obliged to provide the necessary technical infrastructure for the Doctor to be able to answer the questions directed to him, to respond to the examination requests, to communicate with the Member through third platforms and applications, and to make efforts to eliminate this disruption in case of a possible technical failure.

    6. Andnewme. /p>

    7. During the meeting between the Member and the Doctor, which may take place through third platforms and applications, Andnewme cannot access any data regarding the Member and the Doctor. Andnewme reserves the right to change the platform, applications, infrastructure, add-on and other issues where the meetings between the Doctor and the Member will be conducted.

    8. In line with the Doctor's approval, Andnewme will be able to send instant notification messages regarding the Doctor's use of the Andnewme Platform to the Doctor.

    9. Andnewme may at any time temporarily suspend the operation of the Andnewme Platform, perform technical maintenance, repair and updates on the Andnewme Platform, or completely stop the use of the Andnewme Platform.

    10. Andnewme,

      1. Change the content of the Andnewme Platform, the way it is used, the information required for membership and other aspects of the Andnewme Platform,

      2. To transform transactions that do not currently require membership, to offer additional services, to partially or completely change some services,

      3. To be able to convert the services offered free of charge into a paid one, to update the price of the currently paid services or to make them free of charge,

      4. The services and contents offered may limit their visibility within the Andnewme Platform due to the content being inappropriate, contrary to this Agreement or causing harm to other users.

    11. In case the Doctor uses the opportunities offered to him outside the scope of the legal remedies foreseen and/or violates this Agreement; Andnewme is authorized to unilaterally terminate the Doctor's use of the Andnewme Platform or its membership in the Andnewme Platform. Andnewme has the right to take the necessary measures by examining the complaint records sent to it, evaluating the records on all kinds of inappropriate behavior criteria, including but not limited to unethical communication and inappropriate content sharing. It should be noted that Andnewme will be able to remove the said Doctor from Andnewme Platform.

    12. Andnewme; It may, at any time, partially or completely transfer, assign or transfer all its rights, powers, debts and obligations under this Agreement to third parties and/or institutions, provided that the Doctor is notified.

    13. Andnewme is authorized to disclose all data to the competent authorities when duly requested by official authorities due to mandatory legislation or sub-regulatory transactions. Such a statement cannot be considered as a violation of information privacy or protection of personal data.


    1. Andnewme; It will not be involved in all kinds of communication/interaction activities, including but not limited to the meeting, examination and operation between the Doctor and the Member, and will not be the addressee of problems, damages and other demands arising from this communication. In this respect, it should be noted that within the framework of the aforementioned communication/interaction activities, Andnewme does not have the title of Content Provider, but is only a Hosting Provider. Andnewme is not obliged to control the content it provides in line with its capacity as a Hosting Provider or to investigate whether there is an illegal activity. In this context; Andnewme's responsibility is limited to taking the necessary steps and measures in accordance with the Internet Law in line with possible notifications to be sent to it.

    2. Andnewme is not bound by the Doctor's negligence and behavior regarding the use of Andnewme Platform, as long as it is permitted in accordance with applicable laws.

    3. All transactions arising from legal changes that will occur outside the scope of this Agreement are outside Andnewme's responsibility and will be reflected in the Agreement in the same way.

    4. Andnewme shall not be held responsible in any way for the damages that may arise from the disapproval of the doctor's request for participation.

    5. Andnewme shall not be held responsible for any damages that may arise in case the information determined during account creation is shared with third parties and/or captured by third parties.

    6. All damages arising from the inaccuracy/invalidity of the information to be provided to Andnewme by the Doctor shall be the responsibility of the Doctor and Andnewme shall not be held responsible for such damages in any way.

    7. All kinds of professional or non-professional work and service responsibilities of the Doctor to third parties are independent of the Doctor's obligations in accordance with this Agreement, and the said work and service responsibilities will be disrupted and/or Andnewme will not be held responsible in any way if it is damaged.

    8. All kinds of professional or non-professional work and service responsibilities of the Doctor to third parties are independent of the Doctor's obligations in accordance with this Agreement, and the said work and service responsibilities will be disrupted and/or Andnewme will not be held responsible in any way if it is damaged.

    9. In case the Doctor gains access to the Andnewme Platform through Devices that do not belong to him or are not suitable for using the Andnewme Platform, and therefore any person, especially the Members, suffers material and/or moral damages, all damages will be incurred. The doctor will be responsible.

    10. Andnewme shall not be held responsible for the consequences that may arise from the Doctor's response to the estimated price requests submitted to them in a closed environment through the Members' communication ways, without being visible on the Andnewme Platform.

    11. Andnewme shall not be held responsible for the sharing of the contents of the conversation between the Doctor and the Member within the scope of this Agreement by the Member and/or other persons and/or the capture, disclosure by third parties, and for any damages that may arise in other cases.

    12. Andnewme shall not be liable to the Doctor or third parties due to delays, temporary suspension or complete suspension of the system due to technical maintenance, repairs and updates.

    13. Newborn and Doctor; natural disasters, terrorist incidents, war, military practices, epidemic/pandemic widespread epidemic and related government measures and/or intense transportation restriction, natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, loss of energy and workforce, damage to servers, network systems It will not be responsible for the delay or failure to fulfill its responsibilities in the Contract partially or completely due to some objective impossibilities that are not caused by them, such as a leak, which can be called force majeure.

    14. Doctor's; Law No. 1219 on the Practice of Medicine and Medical Arts, Regulation on Medical Deontology, Regulation on Job and Job Descriptions of Healthcare Professionals and Other Professionals Working in Healthcare Services, and Medical Professional Ethics Rules, which regulate medicine and health services. Any lawsuit, follow-up, investigation, etc. that may be initiated by the judicial authorities and administrative authorities, and the damages that may be encountered in case of violating all applicable legal regulations and secondary legislation provisions, the prohibition of advertising, the prohibition of medical diagnosis and treatment and similar professional rules. Andnewme is not directly and/or indirectly responsible for legal consequences.


    1. The personal data of the Doctor, which is processed due to the services and opportunities offered by Andnewme, is processed in accordance with the Doctor's Clarification Text, which can be accessed through Andnewme Platform and in accordance with the current legislation in force, especially the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698. In this direction, before the personal data regarding the Doctor is obtained, the Doctor has been enlightened through the Andnewme Platform Clarification Text and Cookie Policy and the Doctor Clarification Text available on the Andnewme Platform.

    2. The invalidity, illegality and unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement or any statement contained in this Agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Agreement.

    3. The titles of articles in this Agreement are for reference purposes only and will not affect the interpretation or understanding of the Agreement.

    4. The doctor will be able to reach Andnewme by sending an e-mail to [email protected] for questions and notifications to be made in line with the use of Andnewme Platform or this Agreement.

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