What Are Under-Eye Bags?

          Understanding Under-Eye Bags: Causes and Solutions

          Oil bags around the eyes cause under-eye bags. As we age, the membrane that holds these fat bags back loosens; oils come forward and become more pronounced.

          However, due to structural reasons, these fat bags may be evident at young ages. What you need to know about under-eye bags and what to do against the formation of under-eye bags…

          What Causes Under-Eye Bags?

          With the change of blood circulation and gravity in the lying position, fluid accumulates around the eyes, and therefore the under-eye bags become more prominent in the morning.

          Causes such as staring at the screen for a long time, fatigue, stress, and insomnia cause the formation of bags under the eyes. Due to stress, muscle contractions increase, and hernia may develop by putting pressure on the vesicles, and as a result, under-eye bags may occur.

          Sometimes the diet also paves the way for the formation of under-eye bags. For example, Due to consuming too much salt and salty food, fluid accumulation occurs under the eyes, and the kidneys get tired.

          As a result, it may be a symptom of some diseases, such as kidney diseases. Allergic factors can also cause itching in the eyes, irritating the under-eye area, and edema may occur with itching.

          Bags can disappear after a healthy sleep and rest. However, it may stay despite lifestyle changes. This is due to genetic inheritance. Even at a young age, people in the family can have bags.

          How to Get Rid of Under-Eye Bags?

          Some treatments can be made against under-eye bags. When applied to the skin, cucumber has a slightly astringent, firming feature. This is because of the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and caffeic acid in it.

          Since a large part of the cucumber is water, it also reduces swelling when cold when taken out of the refrigerator. Cucumber reduces morning swelling when placed on the eyelids with their water-retaining ingredients and their cold effect.

          As long as there is no allergy to cucumber, this application is not harmful to eye health. However, the most effective way to reduce under-eye puffiness is to apply a cold compress directly in the morning.

          For this, ice or cooling gel bags can be used. Cold compress shrinks the vessels around the eyes and reduces the edema accumulated under the eyes.

          However, if the under-eye bags are very prominent, an operation called 'blepharoplasty' can be applied.

          Can Eye Bags Be Removed Without Surgery?

          It is not possible, but you can apply the following tips

          • Take care to rest in your daily life. Pay attention to your sleeping hours. If possible, go to bed at the same time every day.
          • Eat regularly, ensure the main meals are on time, and add a light snack to your diet.
          • Drink enough water.
          • Salt increases edema in the body. Do not choose very salty foods to avoid the formation of bags under the eyes.
          • If you are using cosmetic products, consult a dermatologist. Using excessively oily face creams unsuitable for your skin type can cause under-eye bags.
          • If you have an allergic body, try to stay away from foods and cosmetics that you know cause allergies.

          Can You Use Hemorrhoid Cream for Puffy Eyes?

          Experts who have done extensive research on hemorrhoids have clarified the issue of whether hemorrhoid cream can be applied to the eyes.

          The idea that some creams recommended to treat hemorrhoids can be used for under-eye problems was put forward in a movie. After the film's release, women who care about their beauty are investigating whether this treatment is valid. 

          Hemorrhoid creams contain cortisone. In this way, it reduces edema in the area where it is used. However, using these products around the susceptible eye area is not considered appropriate.

          When used outside of their intended purpose, hemorrhoid creams do more harm than good. In our era of dermatological development, there are more effective creams that are good for eye bags than hemorrhoid creams.

          People who want to have smooth skin try every way. Unfortunately, those who think they will have soft and healthy skin by using cortisone-containing creams used to treat hemorrhoids are wrong.

          Cortisone in hemorrhoid cream thins the skin. Although the ointment seems to have no adverse effect at first, these creams damage the skin over time with the impact of cortisone. Therefore, it is not recommended for use on the skin.

          Under-eye bags may occur due to fatigue, intense work schedule, and genetic predisposition. People uncomfortable with this situation have sought a permanent solution because they are tired of using under-eye concealers.

          With the news publication that models got rid of under-eye bags with hemorrhoid cream on various TV channels, the question of whether hemorrhoid cream is suitable for under-eye bags came to the fore.

          Some say that they get rid of under-eye bags by using this cream. However, experts state that using hemorrhoid cream for under-eye bags is incorrect.

          Living With Eye Bags?

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