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4 years ago
Can I get rid of my under-eye bags with under-eye light filler or surgery?

Hello, I have eye bags as long as I can remember myself. I had everything checked from urinalysis to heartbeat and they said...

4 years ago
Under-eye filler or fat injection?

Is under-eye filler or oil injection more effective?

4 years ago
Will the bruises around my eyelids go away with under-eye filler treatment?

Hello, my entire eye area is purple eyelids and so on. Is there any light therapy around here? I would be very happy if you...

4 years ago
My under eyes are naturally dark in color, will under-eye filler help?

My under eyes are darker than my skin color since birth and I couldn't get over this situation no matter what I did. 18...

4 years ago
I'm allergic to jetcaine, can I have under-eye fillers?

I'm allergic to jetcaine, can I have under-eye fillers?

4 years ago
1 month ago I had an under-eye filler done, the skin was in waves, is it normal?

Hello, about a month ago, I had an under-eye filler. The result was waves of skin under my eyes. The injection sites are very...

3 years ago
There is darkening after under-eye fillers, is it normal?

I had a total of 0.70 ml under-eye filler done with a detention needle 24 days ago. My doctor said me to apply cold and...

3 years ago
What can I do to eliminate my under-eye circles and revitalize my eye area?

Hello. A year ago, I had an under-eye filler. Although it had some effect on the bruises, it both lost its effect over time...

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