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A very good doctor in the field of aesthetics

Both he and his team were very successful. I had leg and tummy tuck surgery. His team made me feel at home. They did not stop Read More

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The result was very good with tummy tuck and liposuction

I had a tummy tuck and tummy liposuction 5 months ago. I am so happy with the results. It’s the best tummy tuck job I Read More

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Li*** Zeki Yasar, MD - 17.03.2021

I had 6 surgeries together with Dr. Hakan Bulam

Dr. Hakan Bulam is a super doctor, I had surgery with him last summer. Everything turned out very well, well done. 1. Tummy Read More

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Se*** Mehmet Hakan Bulam, MD - 1 Comment 24.02.2021

Don't be afraid of childbirth and the after pregnancy :)

I wanted to remove the excess skin from birth. I preferred Dr. Metin Kerem for my tummy tuck surgery, . Many thanks to my Read More

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Ys*** Metin Kerem, MD - 26.03.2020

Mehmet Ersin Gonullu is one of the best doctors in Istanbul in my opinion.

I reached out to my doctor for a butt lift (BBL), liposuction, and tummy tuck. The moment I researched him and looked at what Read More

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I am on the 17th day of my thigh lift and tummy tuck surgery with Dr. Tahsin Gorgulu

It's been 17 days since my surgery. I have minor aches. Other than that, it's like I didn't have surgery. I'm Read More

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I've been tummy tuck and breast lifting together

I had both abdominal and breast lift surgery. I'm sharing with you before I get better. But I wanted to tell you how pleased Read More

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Dt*** Hakan Ocsel, MD - 26.09.2019

I had bichectomy and tummy tuck surgery. I am in my 7th month

With my aunt's advice, I met my doctor. I'm glad I got to know her, she is one of the rare people who do his job Read More

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De*** Elif Seda Keskin, MD - 2 Comments 23.09.2019

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