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What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a procedure that changes the color of teeth using special gels. There are two options for teeth whitening: in-office bleaching and home bleaching.

What Does The Average Teeth Whitening Cost in Turkey?

The price of teeth whitening varies depending on the method you choose. The average cost of home bleaching is $100, and in-office bleaching is $180.

What Does The Average Dentist's Teeth Whitening Price in Istanbul?

İstanbul is the most popular and famous city in the country. It has many high-quality dentist clinics, and eventually, the highest teeth whitening prices are in this city. The average dentist's teeth whitening price is about $200.

What Does The Average Teeth Whitening Price in Ankara?

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. There are a lot of high-quality dentist clinics in the city, and the average teeth whitening price in Ankara is about $170.

What Does The Average Teeth Whitening Price in Antalya?

Antalya, one of the popular cities in the country, offers many good dentist clinics to its local and foreign visitors. The average teeth whitening price in Antalya is $160.

What Does The Average Teeth Whitening Price in Izmir?

İzmir is the third-largest city in Turkey. There are countless well-known dentists and world-class dentist clinics in the city. The average cost of the teeth whitening in town is about $165.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Teeth Whitening Cost?

The method you choose to whiten your teeth directly affects the price of the procedure. Options are in-office bleaching and home bleaching. Both options have different types separately.

Home bleaching types:

There are several home bleaching products that you can buy. Opalescence teeth whitening and Lumineux teeth whitening are two popular brands of home teeth whitening kits. The prices are different from brand to brand.

In-office bleaching types:

Dentists do teeth whitening in different ways. Professional teeth whitening prices change depending on these factors:

-The dentist you choose for the procedure
-The city where the dentist's clinic is
-The method that your dentist chooses to whiten your teeth

Your dentist may use a laser to fasten your teeth whitening process. A laser teeth whitening cost may affect the price of the procedure too.

Do Health Insurance Policies Cover Teeth Whitening?

Most health insurance policies don't cover teeth treatments. However, the health insurance policies that have an additional agreement about teeth treatments may cover teeth whitening too.

Teeth Whitening Turkey Price vs Other Countries

A professional in-office whitening process is almost the same in each country but the price of the procedure changes by country.

The average cost of the teeth whitening in the US is around $300 and $400 in Germany. In the UK, professional teeth whitening procedures may cost $500.

Turkey $ 180 $ 180
US $ 300 $ 600
UK $ 500 $ 900
Germany $ 400 $ 400

How Much is Laser Teeth Whitening in Turkey?

Laser teeth whitening involves a laser in the process. The laser's factor is to activate the hydrogen peroxide and accelerate the whitening.

A laser teeth whitening gives you 2 to 8 shades of whiter teeth in a single treatment. It is the latest technology that dentists use all over the world. The cost of laser whitening in Turkey is about $180.

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