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1 year ago
What can I do for the scars on my arm as a result of the attack?

In Los Angeles, a mentally unstable person attacked people, and I was among those people. My arm was cut off in the attack. I...

1 year ago
How can I get rid of both my scar and the pain of the wound?

I have a scar on my back. It's been a year. I have a pain. It's burning, yellow on the skin, it hurts. My eyes get tired. It...

1 year ago
I can imagine having serial excision, dermabrasion and permanent make-up. Do you offer these techniques?

Do you offer serial excision? I have deep self-harm scars, but skin transplantation is no option for me. I can imagine having...

2 years ago
When can we have a baby after Roaccutane?

I live in Germany, I stopped taking the medicine called roaccutane (I used 1 tablet) after a month and I haven't been...

1 year ago
I have a burn mark on my hand

I have a burn mark on my hand and it became more permanent after sunburn. What can be done about it?

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