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Post Bariatric Surgery

It is the result of a post-bariatric surgery performed by Hakan Öçsel, MD. For reference purposes only, results may vary.

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Average Cost $ 7000
Treatment General anesthesia
Recovery Time 2 weeks

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What Is A Post-Bariatric Surgery?

People who deal with overweight problems try to lose weight in traditional ways before considering surgery. When they decide that these methods are useless for their situation, they consult a doctor. If they are good candidates for bariatric surgery, they undergo an operation to fix their metabolism. 

People who have bariatric surgery start to lose weight immediately after the surgery. Every individual has a different pace of losing weight, but eventually, they lose weight in 1 to 3 years. The need for post-bariatric surgery shows up here. People who lose almost half of their body weight in time need to remove their excess skin from their bodies. Plastic surgeons do that for them with post-bariatric surgeries. 

Turkey has 81 cities in total and, 30 of them are considered a metropolis. Surgeons perform post-bariatric surgeries in many of these big cities. The price range varies depending on the cities, the surgeons, and the health facilities. 

What determines the cost of a post-bariatric surgery is firstly the surgeon. Secondly, the type of surgery is a principal factor that changes the price. Post-bariatric surgeries consist of different skin tightening operations. 

After the first medical examination of the patients, the surgeons decide what kind of surgeries they need to perform to fix the situation of the patients. Once they decide on the type of surgery, the price will be clear. 

Sometimes a surgeon may do more than one surgery on a patient. Surgeons may plan an arm lift surgery together with a tummy-tuck and neck lift. Or, a thigh lift surgery may be necessary as much as the other skin tightening operations. 
The average price of a post-bariatric surgery is $3500 US.

Does Insurance Coverage Apply to Post-Bariatric Surgery?

Post-bariatric surgeries are considered aesthetic surgeries, and insurance doesn't cover these surgeries. 

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Every surgery carries some risks and has side effects which can be severe or light. Possible risks and side effects of post-bariatric surgery are: 

  • When coming out of general anesthesia: dizziness, nausea, and fatigue
  • Unexpected scarring
  • Tissue damage and changes in skin sensation 

How Painful Is A Post-Bariatric Surgery?

Patients undergo general anesthesia during the surgery. Because they are unconscious, they don't feel pain. 

What Parts Of The Body Can Post-Bariatric Surgery Treat?

Post-bariatric surgeries can treat many parts of the body. After losing massive weight, patients need to fix their bodies. Surgeons help them treat their bodies by removing the excess skin and lifting the distorted areas of their bodies. These combined or solo surgeries include face and neck lift, thigh lift, arm lift, abdominoplasty, breast lift, and hip lift. 

Patients who have completed losing weight after the bariatric surgery are good candidates for post-bariatric surgery. The ideal candidates should be maintaining their healthy weight for six months at least.

How long does it take to recover from bariatric surgery?

Depending on the number of surgeries, recovery can take up to two weeks. Every individual has a different timeline of recovery. Even so, a patient who underwent post-bariatric surgery needs time to heal and has to stay at home for a couple of weeks.

If the surgeon doesn't perform all of the necessary surgeries at once and does the surgeries separately, each surgery will require a different recovery period.

What To Expect After Post-Bariatric Surgery?

Patients' satisfaction rate is high after having a post-bariatric surgery. They boost self-confidence after the post-bariatric surgery fixes their bodies.

How To Prevent Loose Skin After Bariatric Surgery?

Loose skin is a common problem that occurs during the weight loss process. A healthy diet supported with ideal hydrating may help avoid loose skin. Additionally, a workout routine to gain muscles will help tighten the skin. 

Turkey is a popular destination for medical tourism. Every year thousands of foreign patients visit the country for different treatments. Bariatric surgery and post-bariatric surgery are two common surgeries performed in world-class health facilities in the country.

The Advantages of Post-Bariatric Surgery in Turkey

Turkey is a country full of advantages in health tourism. The reasons for which many foreign patients choose the country to have surgery or even a simple cosmetic treatment are countless. The principal reasons to choose Turkey for a post-bariatric surgery are listed below: 

  • There are many skilled surgeons in the country. These surgeons have deep knowledge in their fields. 
  • Most of the health facilities in the country are high-quality, world-class places. 
  • Post-bariatric plastic surgery is performed very often in the country. 
  • The prices are more affordable than any other European or American state. Post-bariatric surgery cost is less than in many foreign countries. 
  • There are many historical places to visit in the country. 
  • Turkish cuisine is worldwide famous. Most people have a great desire to taste Turkish food when they visit the country for having a post-bariatric surgery. 

The Advantages of Post-Bariatric Surgery in İstanbul

  • İstanbul is one of the most developed cities in the world. It is the most crowded city in the country. Beyond being crowded, it is a city of opportunities. 
  • Having a post-bariatric surgery in İstanbul is a good choice. 
  • Because it is the heart of the country, most of the well-known surgeons live in this marvelous city. 
  • Many of the hospitals and health facilities in the city are world-class. The staff who work in the health facilities are well-educated, and they can speak at least one foreign language.
  • İstanbul is a center of cultural and historical places. Even sightseeing tours are enough to embrace the magic of the city. 
  • Most of the best cooks also live in the city. Because of this fact, İstanbul is considered one of the centers of gastronomy in the country. 

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