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Three surgeries, three good results

Dr. Azer Zeynalov is a very good plastic surgeon. He had my rhinoplasty, liposuction and BBL done. I am very happy with the Read More

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I'm very regretful

I very regret that I chose him, he would do both liposuction, thigh lift, bbl and bichectomy, so I was not satisfied with any Read More

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Tg*** Ali Cetinkaya, MD - 2 Comments 09.05.2021

My problem was fat on the waist

Hi, I was overweight, but the main problem was the concentration of weight on the waist. I met my doctor and decided on Read More

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Su*** Hakan Ocsel, MD - 25.09.2019

My ankles and lower legs were too thick

My ankles and lower legs have always been thick since I've known myself. Although I tried many methods, I couldn't Read More

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Ra*** Hakan Ocsel, MD - 25.09.2019

Came from Sweden and Liposuction with Dr. Hariri

Yeah, I'm 48 and I'm a mother of two boys. I decided to have Vaser Liposuction in my country is Sweden but it was Read More

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Na*** Samet Hariri, MD - 15.05.2018

Liposuction by Tunc Tiryaki, Worth every bit

I thought a lot before I had surgery and After talking to Dr. Tunç Tiryaki, I decided on the operation. He is very Read More

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Et*** Tunc Tiryaki, MD - 20.02.2018

My liposuction result was super

Last week, on Monday,  I had Dr. Caghan Baytekin perform liposuction. My doctor explained the surgery very well. The Read More

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I got a gorgeous body after liposuction

The fats and deformities in my body bothered me a lot. Thanks to Dr. Caghan, it was very nice. Although it has been 13 days Read More

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