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What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a popular surgical procedure that can successfully treat baldness. This procedure consists of a few steps. First, surgeons determine the donor area where they take the new follicles.

Then, they decide where the hairline should begin and how many hair follicles they need to transfer to the bald parts.

After collecting a sufficient number of grafts (a tissue with follicles) from the scalp, they transplant the new hair follicles into the bald parts of the head.

What Does The Average Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

Turkey is world-famous for its hair transplant procedures. Every year thousands of foreign patients come to the country to have a hair transplant.

The average cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is $1400 US. The price range in the country is between $400 US and $1900 US.

How Much Do 5000 Grafts Cost in Turkey?

The average price of one graft in Turkey is $0,40 US. A hair transplant that requires 5000 grafts costs approximately $2000 US.

The price of the procedure varies in each city. The clinic or health facility where you have your hair transplant affects the price primarily.

How Much Do 4000 Grafts Cost in Turkey?

A hair transplant that consists of 4000 grafts costs $600 US. The price of the hair transplant procedures changes in different ranges in each city and clinic.

How Much Do 3000 Grafts Cost in Turkey?

When a surgeon performs a hair transplant with 3000 grafts, the cost of the procedure is about $1200 US.

How Much Do 2000 Grafts Cost in Turkey?

A hair transplant done with 2000 grafts costs almost $800 US.

5000 $ 2.500 $ 1.750 $ 2.000
4000 $ 2.000 $ 1.400 $ 1.600
3000 $ 1.500 $ 1.000 $ 1.200
2000 $ 1.000 $ 700 $ 800

What Does The Average Hair Transplant Cost in Istanbul?

İstanbul is the most populated city in the country. The most famous hair transplant clinics and well-known surgeons are in this city.

Because of this fact, the prices of hair transplant procedures change between a high gap. The hair transplant procedure in this famous city costs approximately $2000 US, but the lowest price is $380 US.

There are some world-class clinics where a hair transplant may cost $2800 US.

Hair Transplant For Women in Turkey

Hair transplant procedures are not only for men. Some women also suffer from hair loss problems. New hair transplant techniques allow long hair transplants meaning that there is no need to shave the head to perform the procedure.

Female pattern baldness is different from male pattern baldness, also called androgenetic alopecia. Women don't lose their hair as men do.

The hair loss is partial in women's scalps, and because of this, the female hair transplant procedure is different from men's. Surgeons perform female hair transplants partially and with fewer follicles collected from the donor site.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Hair Transplant Cost?

There are three main hair transplant techniques called FUT, FUE and DHI that surgeons perform. FUT stands for follicular unit transfer, FUE is the abbreviation of follicular unit extraction, and DHI is direct hair implantation.

All three procedures cost different from each other. The average prices on the web generally refer to the FUE technique. The technique of the hair transplant procedure is the first factor that affects the price.

The surgeons who perform the hair transplant and the health facility where they do the hair transplant are two other factors that play a role in the price. Finally, the number of grafts is a significant factor that changes the price.

What Does a Hair Transplant Include in Turkey Cost?

A hair transplant is a very usual procedure in Turkey. Many clinics offer prices that include each detail of the hair transplant procedure. Most hair transplant clinics don't charge any money from their patients for consultation appointments.

Even though it’s a surgical procedure, a hair transplant doesn't require general anesthesia. Instead, surgeons numb the area where they perform the hair transplant procedure using local anesthetics to eliminate sensation. The price of the hair transplant procedure includes the anesthesia team that comes with the surgeon.

Besides, you generally don't pay extra money for the follow-up appointments after the procedure.

Does Health Insurance Cover Hair Transplants?

Health insurance companies consider hair transplant procedures as cosmetic treatments. Most health insurance policies don't cover cosmetic treatments.  

Hair Transplant Packages in Turkey

Health tourism in Turkey has been growing along with the satisfaction rate of foreign patients. Each year thousands of people choose Turkey as a health destination. The fame of the surgeons and the quality of the health facilities attract many foreign patients to the country.

Clinics offer all-inclusive packages for hair transplant patients. All-inclusive packages generally include airport and city transfers, accommodation, city tours, a hair transplant, and a translator.

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