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I had a healthy life with stomach botox

Dr. Mustafa Atabey added innovation to my life. He is a very expert doctor in stomach botox. It gave me a healthy life. Many Read More

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I had a Stomach Botox operation about 18 days ago

How did I decide? I am 1.67 tall, 63 kilos, working at the computer. I love to eat and although I have been to a dietician Read More

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Zd*** Orhan Bat, MD - 2 Comments 22.01.2020

I had gastric botox, my change is incredible

I got gastric botox . Starting with 88.4, I lost 8.2 pounds. 1 month and 8 days. I went to weigh in the morning and Read More

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Mi*** Cem Arslan, MD - 1 Comment 02.08.2019

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