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Dr. Mehmet is truly exceptional

I sought him out for a revision brow lift, a procedure made complex by a previous unfortunate surgery, and he worked wonders! Read More

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Dr. Mehmet is truly an outstanding plastic surgeon

Dr. Mehmet is truly an outstanding plastic surgeon. Beyond his exceptional skills, he exudes empathy towards his patients, Read More

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Dr. Hakan Yilmaz, great care, eyelid aesthetics result

It would be an understatement to say that I went back at least 10 years with eyelid surgery😍 I would like to thank my Read More

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Me*** Hakan Yilmaz, MD - 05.07.2022

Dr. Ozgul Ugurtay, eyelid surgery and brow lift expert

I was very well received in the practice, my doctor's nurse Mrs. Nur, took care of me. She asked if I was excited, and I Read More

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My eyelid surgery story

I've been wanting to have eyelid surgery for a long time. The tired look of my eyes bothers me. I started looking for a Read More

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I looked older as a result of my lower and upper eyelids drooping

As I got older, I had droopy upper eyelids and under-eye bags. I decided to have eyelid surgery in order to have a more Read More

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Fi*** Soner Tezcan, MD - 1 Comment 17.12.2021

Dr. Ozgul's ptosis surgery delivered excellent results for me

I had a droopy eyelid problem, Dr. Özgül Uğurtay performed my ptosis surgery. I would like to thank my beautiful doctor Read More

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Ns*** Ozgul Ugurtay, MD - 1 Comment 02.11.2021

Fixed droopy eyelid with surgery by Dr. Ozgul Ugurtay

Last year, I went to my doctor Özgül Uğurtay because of the discomfort I felt from the drooping of my upper Read More

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