3 years ago
One of my eyes is big and one is small, is this a fixable condition?

One of my eyes is big and the other is small and there is no problem with my eyelid. Can this be fixed? Is this difference...

4 years ago
I got a hollow eye after blepharoplasty.

My left eye has become hollow after blepharoplasty. Can it be fixed with surgery?

3 years ago
My left eye is more advanced than the other and my eyelid is low, will eyelid surgery be sufficient to correct the situation?

My left eye was not noticed before compared to the other one, but as I get older, it is noticeable now. My eyelid also droops...

2 years ago
Eyelid surgery or almond eye surgery?

Hello, I have a tired and sad expression in my eyes due to the droopy eyelids. Would it be better for me to have eyelid...

2 years ago
Which treatment corrects the symmetry disorder in the eyelids?

Eyelid sagging, which aesthetic operation is necessary

3 years ago
There was xanthelasma on the upper eyelid, the plastic surgeon put three stitches, but it looks puffy, will it be fixed?

Hello, I had xenthelasma on my upper eyelid. The plastic surgeon put in three stitches, but the stitches are too rough, not...

4 years ago
Is there a permanent treatment to get rid of dark eyelids?

I have dark eyelids. Is there a way to get rid of them permanently?  

4 years ago
Is eyelid surgery suitable for me?

We have droopy eyelids in our family genetically. I am 47 years old. The signs of aging have started due to age, I can't...

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