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I got breasts that fit my body with breast reduction

I had big and saggy breasts for my body. They were putting on too much weight. When I breastfed my baby for 2 years, sagging Read More

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Having breast reduction surgery for Dr. Orhan Murat Ozdemir was the best decision I made.

It was the best decision I've ever made, I'm so lucky to have known you. Both my doctor Orhan Murat and the smiling face of Read More

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Achieved proportional breast size with reduction surgery

For years, I thought that the size of my breasts was not suitable for my body, and I wanted to have breast reduction surgery. Read More

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I had 6 surgeries together with Dr. Hakan Bulam

Dr. Hakan Bulam is a super doctor, I had surgery with him last summer. Everything turned out very well, well done. 1. Tummy Read More

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Se*** Mehmet Hakan Bulam, MD - 1 Comment 24.02.2021

Uncomfortable with large breasts; underwent reduction surgery

Having large breasts caused me problems in everything. My back was aching, in the summer I was getting a nappy rash due to Read More

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Ze*** Hakan Ocsel, MD - 26.09.2019

I'm glad I chose Dr. Resat for breast reduction.

I underwent breast reduction surgery with my doctor, going from 95 F to 80 C in February 2021. I never anticipated that it Read More

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Es*** Resat Aktas, MD - 14.09.2023

My life has become easier with breast reduction surgery

First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Caghan and the nurse Ms. Nesibe for everything. The surgery process, before and Read More

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Dr. Caghan Baytekin is glad to have it

I have a lot of trouble because of the size of my breasts. I was almost hunchbacked. Thanks to Dr. Caghan, I have beautiful Read More

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