27 November 2018
3 months after treatment

My doctor created miracles

You can already see the result from my photo. A few months ago, I noticed that my under eye area became darker and bagging occurred. I had no idea why this was so. But I found it ugly When I looked in the mirror, I always started to see that area, not my face as a whole. I just went to consult my doctor. He looked really tired and old. My doctor told me that the situation was not so serious. It relieved me. When I saw examples of people who had it done, my faith in this practice really increased. I hesitated a little hesitate if it hurts, but Evren Hodja immediately took a hand on it. I really came out of the meeting I went to get information and to consult about what can be done, relaxed and renewed. It was like a miracle. So I wanted to share it right away.

Treatment Provider
Evren Gokesme, MD Dermatology
Review I especially thank my doctor from here.
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