28 December 2020
2 years after treatment

Illnesses caused me to gain weight, but after the gastric sleeve it all went away

I have been struggling with weight problems for about 21 years since my first daughter was born. After my daughter was born, I had a thyroid problem. First, it was Hypothyroidism, then it turned into Hashimoto Thyroidism. In the following periods, my story began. I have always been on a sports and diet program throughout my life. But unfortunately, I could never get down to the weight I wanted. When the hysterectomy surgery was added to this 10 years ago, the situation became even worse. As a result, almost no hormone in my body was working. My dietician, whom I last saw 2.5 years ago, told me that I could not lose weight with diet and similar things and that I should consider stomach reduction surgery. The next period was the turning point of my life for me. On one occasion, I met Dr. Eren. He informed and guided me on every subject. I'm glad I got to know him. I guess there is no other doctor who cares and follows his patients as closely as Dr. Eren. That's why I respect him very much, I wanted to say this at this point :)) I had surgery 2 years ago in October 2018. Of course, the first 1-2 months are a bit of a difficult process, but you will be very happy when you see the changes in yourself and I definitely recommend it to those who want to have this surgery :) I weighed 95 kilos when I had the surgery, and then I lost 35 kilos. Nowadays I weigh 60 kilos. But for a while, I went down to 54 kg. I am 49 years old now. My height is 1.60. I am in good shape now considering my age and height ratio, and I really recommend it to those who want to have this surgery.

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Eren Taskin, MD Obesity and Metabolic Surgery
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