11 April 2022

Dr. Naser Dadaszade, Our Family's Friendly Doctor

Having rhinoplasty has always scared me, but Dr. After meeting with Naser, my fears gave way to impatience and excitement, I counted the days to have the surgery as soon as possible :) He greeted me when the surgery day came. Even in the operating room, he was so smiling and calm that I suddenly had a beautiful dream. I woke up and the result is perfect! It has been 3 weeks since my surgery, but I and my close friends are extremely happy with the result. If it weren't for Naser, I wouldn't have dared. Not even the slightest question mark is left in your mind, he answers all your questions with patience and interest :) Endless thanks to Naser and his smiling team...

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Naser Dadaszade, MD Otolaryngologist
Review Many thanks, Dr. Naser and his team.
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