17 August 2021
The day of the treatment

Need a 19k+ fully reconstructive 5 hour revision with cadaver cartilage after this doctor

I have waited 6 months to write this review. I want to be logical and factual. I got a primary rhinoplasty with Dr. Resit and everyone since I woke up from surgery, I knew something was wrong. Every single concern was completely dismissed. I have been degraded by him and his assistant. I now have to get a $19k revision with a doctor here in the US that is fully reconstructive with cadaver cartilage and will be 5+ hours. My nose is very crooked, has bumps from the front and side, my septum is not centered in my face, I have breathing issues and I have a PERFORATION in my septum.

From the moment I shared I was having issues, DOZENS of his former patients reached out sharing the same story. Breathing issues, bumps, crookedness. The minute I starting asking for answers, the doctor blocked me, as he has so many other women. Three months post op, he made me sit in a chair with a local doctor here at 3 months post op while they attempted to break my already healed nose, no drugs. Absolutely traumatizing. I brought up these concerns at 2.5 weeks and he didn’t finally even acknowledge my concerns until 2.5 months, until it was too late.

What doctor does that knowing the bones were completely healed?! I had been been nothing but a kind patient and The assistant was horrible to me and said “no one can help me” Dr. Resit unprompted said to “be an adult” and then immediately after acknowledged something was wrong. I have all screenshots attached. Do you want to breathe after your surgery? Direct quote from Dr. Resit after questioning my breathing issues “sometimes breathing better, sometimes breathing worse”. My new revision doctor (who is Turkish, but operates out of the US) is horrified with my legitimate concerns were handled, my end result and what he made me go through.


Fa*** 29 December 2021  

omg. this you wrote is horrible.
i m reading these comments because i m interested to make a rhinoplasty myself . so i m checking not to find a butcher.
I m so sad for you....really!

before him where you evaluating other doctors in istambul?
are you ok now?
take care

Du*** 29 December 2021  

I m sorry about this but i think 6 months is still too early
Isnt it?
I know this doctor that he is very popular and good reputation
Take care honey

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