01 August 2019
2 years after treatment

My Gastric Sleeve Surgery Story

I will tell you about my gastric sleeve surgery. I have lost 44 kilos with this surgery. On February 14, 2017, upon the advice of many people around me, I had gastric sleeve surgery done by Doctor Cem Arslan. Before choosing the sleeve gastrectomy method, many tests were done and it was decided that this method was suitable for me. It was done by the endoscopy method.

If your body mass index is above 35%, this surgery can be performed.

Compared to other methods, the recovery time of sleeve gastrectomy surgery is shorter. That's why I wanted this method. I especially preferred this method because I couldn’t watch out what I eat.

Actually, I wasn't overweight, I've been plump my whole life. During my pregnancy with my daughter in 2012, I gained 30 kg and when I was able to lose 10 kg, I got pregnant again. At that time, I was now overweight. I was stuck between 90-100 kilos. After that, I couldn't lose any weight. I tell you about my decision-making process for the operation and its aftermath:



Treatment Provider
Cem Arslan, MD General Surgery
Review Very pleased with the result.
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