02 June 2020
1 year after treatment

My thick-skinned rhinoplasty

I wanted to have a rhinoplasty and I was searching a lot. I saw Suleyman Tas, MD on Instagram. I reached his team and wanted to have surgery. But I have thick skin. So he said that first, we need to thin my skin. First, we made a golden needle that also healed my skin. I had large pores. Now they are getting smaller. I had nose surgery. And my surgery took 3 hours. I stayed in the hospital one night after the operation. Everyone was very kind and helpful. I had no pain after the operation. There was no bruise. Suleyman Tas, MD and his team are excellent. They are very sincere and professional. Even a week after my operation, nobody could see that I had an operation. I like my nose very naturally, beautiful and harmonious for my face. I strongly recommend Dr. Suleyman Tas. He's the best ever.

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Suleyman Tas, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review I am very lucky and very happy to know Suleyman Tas, MD. He's awesome. It was one of the top influencers of my influence when making my decision to improve myself and never stop learning. Fortunately, I chose it.
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