24 March 2017
5 months after treatment

The doctor I trust most for Lip Filling procedure

I have been getting lip fillers done at intervals of 6-8 months for about two years. The permanence of lip fillers is about 6 months. For this reason, they are renewed periodically.

When my filling lasted longer this time, I knocked on the door of Associate Professor Soner Tatlıdede again after a break of about a year.

Mr. Soner first applies a numbing cream to the parts to be filled, when the effect of the cream starts, the drug starts to complete the procedure with the needle without any pain. I did not photograph the injection process, you know, I was lying down like a lamb :)) Lip filling is a very simple procedure. done and finished. Since the result is so new, it will be much more natural after such a period of time.

Uygulamayı gerçekleştiren doktor
Soner Tatlidede, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review He is the doctor I trust the most about fillers and other aesthetic procedures. Because he never does an artificial procedure, even if you insist my lips get fuller, he will not do it. He says that none of those extremely swollen lips you see on the street are my patients. That's why I know every time I go. that I'm going to go out that door with satisfaction. I definitely recommend it for Botox, filling and other procedures.
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