30 March 2022
3 years after treatment

My biggest chance is meet to Dr. Hakan Bulam

I had surgery for him years ago when I was just 23 years old. I wanted to have breast reduction surgery because of the pain in my shoulder and neck rather than aesthetics. I had fears before the surgery, I did not think about having it done until I found a doctor I could believe in and trust. On the recommendation of a friend, I went to Dr. Hakan Bulam for examination. As soon as I started talking to him, I believed I was in the right place. He explained to me the whole process that I would go through, down to the smallest detail, and sincerely answered every question that came to my mind. My analyzes were done 1 week before the surgery date, and my drawings were done 2 days before. I went to the hospital at 07:30 on the morning of the surgery. Before the operation, Mr. Hakan came to my room and explained to me and my family what would happen again. My surgery took about 3 hours. On the day of the operation, Mr. Hakan came to check on me 3-4 times and this made me feel very safe. I only stayed one night in the hospital. My doctor was always with me during the whole recovery process. Hakan, it was a great opportunity for me. Because he is a doctor who values ​​his patients, does his job well, and makes his patients feel good. I would like to thank him and his team once again.

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