03 April 2018
2 years after treatment

I'm so cute with lip fillers

Hello everyone, 3-4 weeks ago I made an appointment with Esteworld Altunizade Hospital. If you are not going to have an operation, it does not charge you an examination fee. If you are going to make a transaction, it only takes the fee of the transaction. It was Turkey's largest Aesthetic Surgery Complex.

Let's come to lip fillers. In fact, it is a process that I have never thought of and never thought of. His procedure looked so sweet that it was completely natural and I wouldn't have understood it if the doctor hadn't told me, and it's a technique I've seen for the first time. It just fills your lip line and shows the line, while no excess is visible on your lip when viewed from the front. When you look from the side, your lip line looks very beautiful and upturned. It's also called kiss filler.

When I saw that there was no exaggerated filling, I said "let's do it right away" and he made my filling.

Uygulamayı gerçekleştiren doktor
Ozgur Evren Ersoy, MD Medical Physician
Review I went with my husband and we were both very satisfied with the care and the hospital. It would be a lie if I said that the hospital did not impress me with its stylish and clean appearance.
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