09 May 2021
7 months after treatment

I'm very regretful

I very regret that I chose him, he would do both liposuction, thigh lift, bbl and bichectomy, so I was not satisfied with any procedure, my biggest regret is that I have chosen him, I share the so-called aesthetic stitches he made, even one of the stitches made a bichectomy except one inside the leg It lasted 2 hours facial paralysis I thought I had it, he couldn't even get the oil out of my face ...


Ha*** 12 May 2021  

When did you have your surgery? Have you tried seeing your doctor?

Tg*** 14 March 2022  

I tried to meet, but the story of edema etc. is ridiculous... and Aydın couldn't hold on, so he closed his place and went to Istanbul. it created a great tram for me, i wish it had gone earlier so that my way hadn't ended up there!

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Ali Cetinkaya, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review My biggest regret is to have chosen dr Ali cetinkaya.
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