22 October 2020
5 days before treatment

I had a hair transplant at Emphair

I have now joined those who have hair transplants. My operation took 8 hours, and a total of 4565 grafts were transplanted. During the operation, I only felt a little pain when the local anesthesia injections. I didn't feel anything other than that. You need to be careful for a few days after having a hair transplant. I had a bit of a hard time in the first 7 days but I carefully followed everything that was told to me. I asked Saadet Hanım about everything that was on my mind via Whatsapp. She quickly got back to me. The environment at Emphair was very clean and comfortable. If you are considering a hair transplant, definitely go there and talk to them.

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Emphair Hair Transplant Hair Transplantation
Review I was greeted very polite and kindly by Emphair staff. During the operation, they did their best to relax me. Thank you to everyone.
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