11 October 2019
1 week after treatment

I lose weight with diet but I then regain it, so I wanted to have surgery

I'm a computer engineer, so I work sitting all the time and gained weight. I tried to lose weight with diet a few times but it didn't work. Even if I lose weight by exercising I gain it back quickly since I’m over 40. That's why I'm considering sleeve gastrectomy. Because I've had this situation many times. I am 1.79 cm and weigh 113 kg. My body mass index is over 35. I had a problem with excessive sweating. This is also troublesome. I am particularly uncomfortable while sleeping. Also, I can't find a suitable shirt because of the thickness of my neck. I said enough is enough. I don't want to have shirts made by a tailor, I want to be able to buy clothes from stores. After all these complaints, tests were done and they were evaluated. The date of the surgery was decided. A diet is also required before surgery. You do this last three days before the operation. Here I share with you my pre-operative interview, what was done before the operation, how did I go into the procedure, and my entire post-operative process.

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Baha Temizgonul, MD General Surgery
Review I would like to thank my doctor and the whole team who have successfully planned and followed this whole operation. I wish I had been before.
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