25 December 2018
1 month after treatment

I listened to my wife for hair transplantation, I was very satisfied.

I am 45 years old in Muğla, Fethiye. 5 years ago my hair began to fall quickly. This was a bit of health, and the food and environmental factors we had were effective. In this process, I did not try the shampoo, the drug remained, but we could not prevent the spill. I decided to disperse and began to research.

I started looking for hair transplantation clinics one by one, I sent my picture. It was really hard to decide. Because trust was very important in this business. Among the clinics I wanted was Esteword, Arena, Acıbadem etc. Usually, they all said the same thing. I thought it would be bitter almonds.

I told my wife. My wife mentioned the hair transplantation coordinator of the Aplus Hair Transplant Center in Istanbul. He was a high school friend. He wanted me to call him. At first, I did not look very hot, but I called not to break my wife. As I talked to Mrs. Kevser, I learned many aspects of this work I didn't know about, and she mentioned a lot of information that other clinics never told me about.

First of all I have to quit smoking, nutritional order should eat mainly foods said. 2 months before planting, the hair follicles to strengthen the drugs recommended. Most importantly, he asked for many blood tests that no other clinic wanted. Because they looked for blood coagulation from the level of blood sugar to ensure good hair transplantation.

They say I'm fit for hair transplantation. The most important reason why I chose the Aplus Hair transplantation center was the detailed research and more in-depth information. We took our ticket and flew to Istanbul. We went to Aplus Polyclinic. It was a very warm welcome. Dr. Aslı Şimşek invites us to the practice and did my hair analysis. PRP procedure was performed before starting hair transplantation. After PRP I was taken to the hair transplantation room.

The entrance to the hair transplantation room is via an encrypted door, there is a protected area at the entrance where you wear the Galoshes and change your master in the room immediately. During the hair cutting process, this room is outside the October room.

They're very meticulous about hygiene. Hair transplantation rooms were very hygienic and clean. After my hair was cut, I determined the forehead line. I lay in the armchair for anesthesia. And after we went through the process of hair transplantation.

It was a very nice operation. After 7 hours of treatment, 4000 grafts were transplanted. I'm glad I made the right decision in hair transplantation. I would recommend it to those who want to add hair. 

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Asli Simsek Azlar, MD Medical Physician
Review Dr. Aslı is a very warm and cheerful doctor who really knows her job.
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