15 April 2022
2 weeks after treatment

My eyelid surgery story

I've been wanting to have eyelid surgery for a long time. The tired look of my eyes bothers me. I started looking for a doctor for this. First I reached the Newme where patient comments and doctors are located and then I found my doctor.We first video chatted with Dr. Özgül on Whatsapp.

She made me feel very welcome when I went on Saturday. We sat, talked, made measurements, made drawings, and put me at ease. I didn't have any pain during the operation, only the injection phase hurt me, other than that, I didn't feel any pain. It progressed the same way.

Even today, my bandages started to come off. I took a photo of her. She said that she looked fine and that I could take a bath at the end of the sixth day. But I said I wanted to take a bath after my stitches were removed. Everything was fine, it was nice, she had already done the surgery by talking one-on-one, and I didn't have any problems.

I also share the results with you as a photo. :)

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