07 May 2018
1 year after treatment

Dr. Guncel Ozturk worked on my nose like a sculptor

The most trouble-free doctor I have ever met in my life ... You can entrust yourself with confidence, a doctor than the doctor himself, I already chose him because this artistic personality separates him from other doctors.

Even though I had a failed operation with another doctor, the operation was open, and I had 2 (revision) surgery, the pain or swelling was minimal, and I could even say that my face did not bruise.

His assistants are almost asking me how I am with my interest in those days when I have overthrown the 10th month. I would like to thank them and Acıbadem Hospital. Your dreams are not as far away as you can grow :)


De*** 08 May 2018  

Is it really well improved, but can you give us information about the price?

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Guncel Ozturk, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review He is an artist, rather than a doctor, whom you can safely entrust, and I chose him because of his artistic personality, which distinguishes him from other doctors.
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