25 January 2022
3 years after treatment

How did I get rid of lipoedema?

I've been looking for a solution for 17 years. Before I knew it was a disease, my weight continued to pile up in my legs despite eating right and exercising regularly. With the increasing weight, my chronic pain started to increase. There is no doctor's branch that I did not go to to get rid of these, but they all said that it will pass when I lose weight.

One day my sister saw the news, the news was talking about lipoedema. Se also sent me the video and after I watched the video, I started researching. I found that the solution to get rid of all my troubles was to have a specialist plastic surgeon remove the fat from my body through liposuction.

After extensive research, I reached the name of Dr. Aylin Bilgin Karabulut. I saw his success in difficult and risky liposuction applications in many parts of the world and I decided to talk to him about my process.

I entered the hospital at noon on December 6, 2018. Ms. Aylin's assistant, Ms. Gulbin, was always with me until the surgery and told me what awaits me. An anesthesiologist came, my analyzes were done. Then my doctor came and made the drawings, while he told me all the details.

It was around 6 pm when the surgery was over. When I first stood up after the surgery, I did not experience dizziness, but I felt something flowing from my legs. It was said that there might be a leak, but it was too much from the leak and they reinvested it.

My first night was difficult, both because I have a herniated disc and because I have bleeding. The next day, my vascular access in my left arm started to swell and hurt. I have never experienced such pain in my life. They even gave me morphine but it didn't go away. They tried my other arm, but it was the same. The nurses gave a massage, but it did not pass.

The next day, my Cardiovascular Surgeon doctor came. I have compartment syndrome in my arm. After taking small walks during the day, I was discharged in the evening.

On the 6th day of my surgery, I went to the doctor's control. The bleeding in my leg had completely stopped. My doctor said he took 8 liters of oil.

On the 9th day of my surgery, I got permission to take a bath from my doctor, but with certain conditions. 

On the 10th day of my surgery, my stitches were removed. She wanted me to be fed with vegetables, salad, grill, plenty of liquid, and zero salts for a while. A month later he called for control. 

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