27 April 2021
1 year after treatment

The result of hair transplantation was as I wanted

I had hair transplantation at the age of 26. The donor collection process started at 07.30 in the morning of the procedure and ended around 22:00 in the evening. During this process, there was a 10-minute tea break, a lunch break, and a 10-minute break after the channels were opened. Ms. Sibel had difficulties during harvesting the hair tissues due to the hair quality in my donor area. The hair thinned over time, but Sibel Hanım did not give up, she transplanted 4452 grafts. My priority was to make the front as dense as possible. It was enough to plant a few grafts in the middle parts. Sibel and her team did an excellent job. They didn't leave me alone for even a minute. She did all the harvesting and channeling herself. Her assistant helped her during planting. Her husband Dr. Zafer Ulusan helped determine the front line during donor harvesting. The washing was done in the center for the first 3 days. Ms. Lütfiye continued to take care of me after as well as before the procedure. Thank you to the whole team.

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