28 February 2022
2 months after treatment

Fabulous doctor in rhinoplasty: Ebru Topuz

I have been researching for many years because of the shape of my nose and breathing problems. I interviewed many doctors, none of them were comfortable with me, the doctors always tried to guide me according to their own thoughts.

Yes, the problem inside my nose was obvious, but I also had a deformity, but I wanted the image to be natural after the operation. Former doctors; made comments such as "one side remains small", "its symmetry will be broken", "we should make an upturned nose", "leave the shape decision to me".

I found Dr. Ebru by chance on social media. I was amazed by the friendliness of the doctor and the noses she made. Because I researched so much that I was very happy when I saw that she made a natural nose exactly as I wanted.

When I went to the first examination, I realized once again that I had made the right decision. She directly told me about my possible nose problems and offered the solution, and I said ok. The fact that she is a very clear person already shows what an amazing doctor she is.

She guided me step by step before and after the operation, described what would happen, did tell me what to do. This put me at ease. She didn't say; "ask your remaining questions to my assistant". The process was painless, happy, exciting and safe.

In addition, another point that I could not miss was the approach of the assistants with the same interest and smiling face. The hospital was also very involved. I feel very lucky to have known Dr. Ebru and to have found her in this change.

Everyone loves my nose and they are surprised when I say that it is plastic surgery. Everyone says how natural it is even in a short period of 3 months and asks for my doctor's name. 🥰 it's an incredible happiness for me. If you want to have nose job, you should call Dr. Ebru without thinking 🥰💜


Ce*** 28 February 2022  

Thank you for sharing your process with honesty. I love the new shape of your nose. Your breathing problems also solved?

As*** 02 March 2022  

My breathing problem is also solved. It's a good feeling to be able to breathe. I no longer have a headache problem🥰thank you 🥰

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