11 June 2021
1 year after treatment

Each day, hair transplant brought new thrills

Ms. Lütfiye helped a lot during the pre-October period. She showed me the photos of the transplants that took place in her clinics before and allowed me to contact them. Upon the positive comments of the people who had transplants there before, I decided to have my operation here. The planting process started at 07:30 in the morning and was completed around 20:00. The position of the head during the root removal process and the position of the waist during the graft insertion make it a bit difficult for the person. In October, 4015 grafts were transplanted into 3300 canals. The process was not painful, but the first night I had some pain, and painkillers helped. After the procedure, the first wash occurred on the 6th day, the scabbing on the 9th day, and shock shedding on the 33rd day. On the 126th day, my hair continued to grow and I started to receive positive reactions from my environment. By the end of the day, people around me began to say that I looked younger. I am pleased with the process overall, everything went as I wanted. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering a hair transplant.

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