09 March 2022
1 year after treatment

I entrusted my revision rhinoplasty to Dr. Ebru Topuz

I had surgery for a bone curvature 10 years ago, but my nose was fused incorrectly. I was not satisfied at all. I searched for a doctor for a long time. It was a more difficult operation as I was going to have surgery for the second time and I thought I needed to find the best doctor.

My search for a doctor extended from Bursa to Istanbul. I learned that a girl at my husband's work had an operation and I started researching Ebru Topuz.

I reached out to Ebru Topuz's patients on social media and asked them, they were all satisfied. I went to see the doctor and fell in love with her, she is such a friendly and caring doctor. None of her patients look alike, as if they came from the same factory. A doctor who makes the nose that suits everyone's face.

It's been 1.5 years since the operation, and still no one understands that I had plastic surgery. There was no cartilage on the tip, cartilage was taken from the back of my nose and cartilage was made on the tip.

I used to have an arched and crooked nose, which was crooked when viewed from the side. She made a more natural nose than I imagined.

I had no pain, only slight bruises. Her team and doctor were very interested, they were always very interested before, during and after the surgery. I recommend it to everyone, she is an excellent doctor. Glad our paths crossed.

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Ebru Topuz, MD Otolaryngologist
Review Ebru Topuz is an excellent, smiling, naive, caring doctor. He and his team are very interested, I was living in Bursa, so I could not come all the time, so I could reach them by phone whenever I wanted. He didn't break the bond after the surgery, I can still reach him by phone.
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