14 May 2018
2 months after treatment

Dr. Selcuk Inanli gave me my life back!

I am 24 years old and live in the Netherlands. In 2017, I had rhinoplasty with two terrible results. At the end of the first I was left with a nose that looked like a pig's nose. The clinicians offered me a revision this time. I was very nervous and accepted.

Then they did my revision surgery and it was a complete disaster.

Instead of making the tip of my nose lower, the cartilage in my nose was almost completely removed. I couldn't breathe through my nostrils because they were so small. I couldn't leave the house, I was too embarrassed. I searched for a doctor who specializes in revision and found Selçuk İnanlı on the internet.

I started following her Instagram account and she was fixing a lot of bad noses. After talking to his assistant, I decided to meet with him. I went to Istanbul and talked to him. He checked my nose, and said it looked pretty bad. He said he couldn't promise me a perfect nose because I had already had two surgeries. But it would definitely be better than what I have now. 

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Selcuk Inanli, MD Otolaryngologist
Review An amazing doctor! He was very honest and very concerned. His assistant was also very sweet. The doctor held my hand while taking my stitches.
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