24 May 2022
1 week after treatment

Dr. Ozgul Ugurtay performed my eyelid surgery and eyebrow lift treatment

I was very well received in the practice, my doctor's nurse Mrs. Nur, took care of me. She asked if I was excited, and I said I was a little excited. So they gave me a little medicine, and then we went inside. Inside, my doctor marked the places for my eyes to be taken. I waited 15-20 minutes and we started the process. The procedure took a very short time, I did not have much pain. Although I was afraid of needles, I did not feel anything. Then I went out, they put on my tapes and they explained how the process would be. I came home, continued applying ice for two days, and then went back to my normal life. I'm fine right now, my stitches will be removed, and then I will learn from my doctor how the process will continue. I'll probably go check it out once. Everything was fine, I was very satisfied.

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