09 February 2018
4 months after treatment

Big Change: My Rhinoplasty Surgery and Chin Implant

Hello to all of you, I will also share my experience. So, this site Newme was very helpful to me :))

On 30 September 2017 in Istanbul I was very excited to meet with Dr. Metin Kerem. I couldn't wait to fix two things on my face: my nose and my chin.

The story is the same, I hated to take pictures from the profile, I was uncomfortable with someone sitting next to me. I live in Bali and I was in Istanbul for 8 days.

Of course I was a little nervous. My nose is still a little swollen, and some days it's getting more and more swollen. It's a little funny from the front, but I still love it. Even at 2 weeks, my nose was still clogged. But I guess that's gonna get better every night.

My jaw implant looks a little bit rough, but the doctor says it's because of swelling. Time will show! I'm still very happy with my decision.


Mi*** 05 June 2018  

Is it possible to say exactly how much the price range is too much?

So*** 27 August 2019  

Hi, I came cross your review whilst researching Dr Metin. Im glad your experience went well. I love your results! I was wondering if its possible to share a before photo of your frontal profile. thank you

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