19 April 2022
2 weeks after treatment

I met Dr. Ali Durmus thanks to Newme and my whole process went smoothly

Hello everyone. Unexpectedly, my mother's birthday present was to get me to have a sleeve gastrectomy. In this process, I would like to convey my respect, love, and thanks to Mrs. Kubra with Newme and my doctor Ali Durmus and his team. I have been following him for 7 years and I trusted him and his team very much during my surgery. It's been 14 days since I had the surgery, I'm getting better every day, my teammates, who have been working since I was hospitalized, A professional team with the best of friendliness, my surgery process went very well, I continue my normal life 3 days after the surgery. I lost 6 and a half kilos in the first week, I am very happy, thank you very much for everything, my dear doctor

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Ali Durmus, MD General Surgery
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