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20 April 2020

Hello, I am very sorry for the unfortunate situation you are experiencing. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as 100% coverage of burn marks. Alternative treatments are available. However, detailed examination is important. Get well soon.

13 December 2019

Hello For further information please contact +90 212 663 7799 or +90 538 541 7686 (whatsapp). Dr. Nezail Demirciler Instagram: dr.nezail

07 December 2019

Hello, It is medically impossible to completely eliminate burn marks on your body, but these scars can be improved. The coarse, coarse marks can be made thin, and the direction of the marks, which are bad for us, can be changed. Large burn marks can be narrowed. Sometimes such operations can be performed at once or sometimes it may take more than one session. There are also marks in plastic surgery, but these scars are tried to be hidden within the body's own lines. Again, the materials used are extremely thin. The result is a minimum trace. Again, the quality of the tissues can be improved by injecting fat under the burned area. It is also possible to improve the residual scars with fractional laser if there is a non-surgical condition, if surgery is not possible or after surgery. This procedure is performed with 1-month intervals. Thanks to this laser, burn quality will increase, soften and become closer to the skin. However, it is essential to see and evaluate you. If you send your photos by mail, you can look and make a clearer assessment. More information about scar revision www.miaplastestetik.com address, you can reach us by phone, instagramda us www.instagram.com/dr.ardakatircioglu can see the applications by following the address, you can have a free examination. miaplast Aesthetic Clinic Op.Dr. ARDA KATIRCIOGLU Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Tel: 0212 296 74 42 (pbx) Address: Valikonagi Cad. Building no: 73 K: 7 D: 7 NISANTASI / ISTANBUL I www.miaplastestetik.co I [email protected] I www.ardakatircioglu.co I [email protected]

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