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05 November 2022

With local anesthetic drugs applied to the area before lip augmentation, the feeling of pain decreases and it becomes a comfortable procedure. It is tried to be injected by pressure with hyaluron pens, which are called needle-free filling application. For this reason, the depth of the applied product and the damage to the tissue cannot be controlled. In the report published by the FDA, the US Food and Drug Regulatory Agency; It has been reported that these items are used by people who are not healthcare professionals, and the sensitivity of the procedure is not taken into account, so the risk of encountering temporary and permanent complications is high.

13 April 2022

Dear Vasalisa, There are more effective and painless surgeries than needles to plump and shorten the upper lip. You can watch the video below for information: https://youtu.be/kDcH48mSIwE Prof. Dr. Ege Özgentaş [email protected]

18 May 2022

Merhabalar ! Doğal ve iyi bir sonuç elde etmek için iğne yada kanülle dudağa dolgu işlemi yapılmalıdır.

27 January 2022

We do it painlessly because we use numbing cream and ice. There is also a painkiller in the filler.

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