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05 July 2021

The working principles of epilation laser are different. IPL spreads to the surrounding tissue and is not selective. Melanin cell and hemoglobin in the hair root are affected together. It affects the tissue all together, you cannot see the damage immediately, but after micro-damages, stains appear in the future in the form of tissue aging etc. Ice laser style applications are selective. It only affects the hair root. It does not harm the skin and the tissues adjacent to the hair root. So it has a purposeful application. Considering the IPL fees starting from 1000 TL and the ice laser fees from 100000 Dollars, it is obvious that there is a difference between them. If you want to age healthy, not damage the tissue and get rid of your hair in a healthy way, my recommendation is epilation at the doctor's clinic. Do not operate without examination whether the structure of your hair is suitable for epilation or which tool is suitable. Yours sincerely

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