A List of the 11 Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Turkey

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Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

A List of the 11 Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Turkey

Flowing water stops when the famous rhinoplasty doctor is mentioned because there is a common belief that famous faces prefer the best, as in almost every field.

In fact, they are not considered unfair, since most of them are in front of the screen with their beautiful face and body, they do not leave their job to chance in rhinoplasty.

The nose is an organ located in the middle of the face, which has a great effect on facial beauty. However, while rhinoplasty is such a popular practice among the rich and famous, some prefer to remain silent about the procedure, while others say their doctor's name and express their appreciation in very open language.

Medically known as rhinoplasty, this cosmetic surgery treatment aims to change or correct the shape of your nose.

Although most of the nose surgeries of celebrities are performed for aesthetic purposes, we can also say that some of the treatments are applied for medical reasons.

Let's take a look at the rhinoplasty doctors of celebrities in Turkey and witness the change in celebrities with their touches:

1- Dr. Onur Erol

Onur Erol MD
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Onur Erol MD provides services in Private M-ONEP Polyclinics, of which he is the founder.

Having achieved many successes at home and abroad, Erol was appointed as the President of the Rhinoplasty Society (International Rhinoplasty Society), headquartered in the USA, in 2014.

Onur Erol, who has an internationally famous rhinoplasty method, which he calls Turkish Delight, has also performed rhinoplasty for many celebrities.

Among these celebrities, the first model that comes to mind is Deniz Akkaya. Deniz Akkaya had rhinoplasty when she first stepped into the modeling profession and became much more famous professionally.

Here is the model Deniz Akkaya before and after rhinoplasty:

Deniz Akkaya

Petek Dinçöz is another famous person who had Onur Erol's rhinoplasty. Continuing her career as a model, TV actress and then a soloist, look at what Dincoz has to say about Onur Erol:

"My teacher Onur has a special place in me, I love him as much as the world."

Here is Petek Dincoz before and after rhinoplasty:

Petek Dincoz

2- Dr. Emre Ilhan

Emre Ilhan MDEmre Ilhan MD, completed his Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Specialization in Bezm-i Alem Valide Sultan Vakıf Gureba Training and Research Hospital after Ege University Faculty of Medicine.

Ilhan, who has created very beautiful, aesthetic, and functional noses in the field of ENT, organizes the "Innovative Approaches in Rhinoplasty" conference, which is held periodically every year.

Dr. Emre Ilhan performed rhinoplasty for many celebrities, but we think the most notable one was the rhinoplasty operation he performed on YouTuber Danla Bilic.

Here is Danla Bilic's before and after rhinoplasty:

Danla Bilic

3- Dr. Cuneyt Ozek

Dr.Cuneyt OzekAnother doctor who performs rhinoplasty on celebrities is Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Cuneyt Ozek MD.

Ozek has been a member of the "editorial board" of Microsurgery and Annals of Plastic Surgery magazine since 2000.

He also passed the "European Board of Plastic Surgery" exam, which consists of written and oral stages, aiming to reach a certain upper level in plastic surgeons, and received the European Plastic Surgery Board certificate. is the owner.

Serving in his private practice in Alsancak, İzmir, Prof. Dr. Cuneyt Ozek performed rhinoplasty for influencer Melodi Erbirliel. See how Melodi Erbirliel describes her process and patient experience:

See how Melodi Erbirliel describes her process and patient experience:

The before and after of Melodi Erbirliel is as follows:Melodi Erbiller

4- Dr. Nuri Soysal

Nuri SoysalDr. Nuri Soysal is providing service in Acibadem Hospital and its own private clinic. We also know Nuri Soysal as the wife of program producer and presenter Sahrap Soysal.

Tuvana Turkay is the most famous name of Soysal, who graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Medicine.

It is said that actress Tuvana Türkay had her signature on the first nose job, and it is among the topics discussed backstage that Turkay had another nose job done.

Tuvana Turkay before and after rhinoplasty is truly magnificent:

Tuvana Turkay

5- Dr. Nazim Cerkes

Dr. Nazim CerkesPlastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Suat Nazım Cerkes MD, who returned to Turkey in 1992 after years in America, serves in the CosMed clinic he owns.

Çerkeş, who served as the President of the Association of Aesthetic Surgery in Turkey and the President of the International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) between 2009-2012, is one of the three founding members of the European Rhinoplasty Association.

Cerkes, who has many famous patients, also performed rhinoplasty for the famous singer Hande Yener.Hande Yener

6- Dr. Teoman Dogan

Dr. Teoman DoganDr. Teoman DoganAfter graduating from Galatasaray High School, he received his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialization at Marmara Medical Faculty,

Teoman Dogan MD passed the ECFMG exams and received the USMLE certificate in order to have his diploma accepted in the USA.

With a PhD in anatomy, provides service in its private clinic located in Şişli, Valikonağı Street.

He performed the rhinoplasty operation to the famous theater artist Belcim Bilgin.

It is known that Teoman Dogan performed different cosmetic surgeries on many celebrities.

Belcim Bilgin's before and after rhinoplasty photo is here:

Belcim Bilgin

7- Dr. Yakup Avsar

Dr. Yakup AvsarDr. Yakup Avsar born in Tabriz, Iran, Yakup Avsar MD is a graduate of Tabriz Medical Faculty.

He is serving at Private Avşar Polyclinic in Akatlar with his wife Dilek Avsar MD, who is also a plastic surgeon.

Avşar, who has a special interest in rhinoplasty and has attended numerous trainings, has many famous patients.

Pop music composer and singer Sinan Akcil is one of them. The reason why Sinan Akcil got a nose job for Yakup Avsar is Ebru Salli, whom she once loved.

Before and after rhinoplasty Sinan Akcil:

Sinan Akcil

8- Dr. Dilaver Ozturan

Dr. Dilaver OzturanOtorhinolaryngologist Dilaver Ozturan MD is one of our doctors, who is eagerly sought by many people and investigated in Google.

Although we can catch him especially in TV programs, it is a fact that he creates curiosity as he does not use any website or social media account. Ozturan, who is a graduate of Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, serves at Acıbadem Hospital.

Ozturan, who performed the rhinoplasty of presenter and TV series actress Ece Erken, has many famous patients.

Here is the photo of Ece Erken before and after rhinoplasty:

Ece Erken

9- Dr. Baris Cakir

Dr. Baris CakirPlastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Baris Cakır  MD is a Cukurova Medical Graduate. In 2004, at the Media park clinic in Cologne, Germany, He worked with Dr. Serdar Eren, published 11 international and 8 national articles throughout this process, and made 9 oral presentations at national congresses.

Çakır, who studied Sculpture at Isparta Suleyman Demirel University Fine Arts Department, later continued his education on sculpture at Malatya Inönü University Fine Arts Department.

He still continues his sculpture and drawing education with Yusuf Basoglu. Providing service in his private clinic in Nisantasi Abdi Ipekçi Street, Baris Cakir organizes national and international congresses, especially on preservation and rhinoplasty, and shares his knowledge and experience with his colleagues.

His 4 different books on rhinoplasty have made a worldwide impact. Presenter and influencer Gizem Hatipoglu with rhinoplasty, Dr. Baris Cakir also has many famous patients.

Gizem Hatipoglu before and after rhinoplasty:

Gizem Hatipoglu

10- Dr. Guncel Ozturk

Dr. Guncel Ozturk

Plastic Surgeon Guncel Ozturk MD is also a sculptor. Ozturk, who calls himself a human sculptor, also has a book called Nose Art.

Having a name in the international arena with the nickname Dr.GO, Guncel Ozturk European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery; It has an EBOPRAS certificate.

It provides service in its own clinic in Nisantasi, Abdi Ipekci Street. Guncel Ozturk, who has performed the aesthetic surgery operations of many celebrities, also performed the rhinoplasty of the famous model Didem Soydan.

Didem Soydan rhinoplasty before and after photo:


11- Dr. Serhat Tuncer

Serhat Tuncer

After receiving his specialization in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from Istanbul University Capa Medical Faculty, Serhat Tuncer MD has a special interest in Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthognathic Surgery.

Serhat Tuncer, who provides service in his private clinic on Sisli Tesvikiye Street, has numerous famous patients.

Especially when we look at rhinoplasty patients, we come across quite striking names. Some of them are Nefise Karatay, Asena Erkin, Tuvana Turkay, and many football players…

Rhinoplasty Nefise Karatay before and after:

Nefise Karatay

Asena Erkin before and after rhinoplasty:

Asena Erkin

Written on 08/09/2021


Last Update: 01/09/2023

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