What If We Did A Little Photoshop On Celebrity's Distinctive Features?

"Altering Celeb Features: Photoshop Insights"

"Altering Celeb Features: Photoshop Insights"


Angelina Jolie

When it comes to plump, sensual lips, Angelina is the first thing that comes to mind, as she is the most distinctive feature of the actress. How about we shrink it a little bit?


Cara Delevingne

What would Cara Delevingne look like without her prominent eyebrows?


Julia Roberts

Julia admitted that she was always embarrassed by her big mouth during her youth, but now she thinks otherwise.


Benedict Cumberbatch

The actor always loves to joke about her unusual appearance, but millions of his fans love the difference. How did it happen after you slightly changed Benedict's chin, lips, eyes and nose?


Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand said she missed a lot of lead roles because of her nose, but things changed when the world noticed her talent. What would it look like if she had a rhinoplasty?


Scarlett Johansson

Another actress that we cannot imagine without full lips is Scarlett Johansson. What if it wasn't?


Vincent Cassel

This successful Frenchman wins our hearts not with his handsomeness, but with his incredible charisma. His eyes, nose, and ears were manipulated in Photoshop, how come?


Vanessa Paradis

The gap between Vanessa's teeth is probably more famous than her filmography. And she looks a little less cute without it, how about?


Cindy Crawford

Did you know that the supermodel once wanted to have her famous mole removed? But then she gave up when it became iconic. Cindy with mole, Cindy without mole, which one?


James McAvoy

What if we made James McAvoy's nose a little smaller and his eyes and lips a little bigger? Say what?


Adrian Brody

Due to the new shape of the eyebrows and nose, Adrien Brody seems to have not only changed, but also lost his unique sad charm.

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