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Exploring the Viral Trend of The BBL Drake

The Most Pressing Question: Does Drake have BBL? Have you seen the hilarious memes circulating about BBL Drake and the ...

The Most Pressing Question: Does Drake have BBL? 

Have you seen the hilarious memes circulating about BBL Drake and the Brazilian Butt Lift Drake posts on TikTok? Is there any truth to the rumors of Drake undergoing a BBL surgery, or is it just a funny misunderstanding? And why is there a sudden interest in Drake's derriere? Let's delve into the origins of this trend.

First of all, let's briefly summarize what BBL is for those who are not familiar:

What is BBL?


BBL, short for Brazilian Butt Lift, is a cosmetic surgical procedure aimed at enhancing the shape and fullness of the buttocks through fat injections.

This procedure has gained popularity among celebrities seeking a more sculpted and curvaceous appearance. Notable figures who have reportedly undergone the BBL procedure include Cardi B, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Jennifer Lopez.

BBL Effect" on TikTok


Rumors began circulating in early 2021 that Drake underwent a Brazilian butt lift surgery, which allegedly made him more feminine and more of a "baddie."

Many social media users started sharing funny content related to this topic, even going so far as to try to prove that Drake underwent the BBL procedure using various photos and videos of him.

In particular, a photo of Drake standing in front of a mirror, holding his buttocks with his hands, gained significant attention. This trend became notably popular on TikTok in August 2021.

There's also a lot of joking about the "BBL Effect" on TikTok. These jokes describe the changes, both physical and otherwise, that someone goes through after getting a Brazilian butt lift. Those who have undergone BBL often wear clothing that reveals their buttocks and act with a newfound sense of self-importance.

So, What's the Deal with BBL Drake?


In October 2020, rapper Drake allegedly injured himself while playing basketball with Steph Curry. Drake posted a photo of himself lying in bed with a cast on his knee to his Instagram Story, captioned "New challenge unlocked." Many Twitter users mocked this injury, with most not believing it and making jokes like "Drake is  in the BBL recovery center."

On July 18th, TikTok users combined a video of Drake shaking his head with his hands on his hips and then a selfie of Drake and Nicki Minaj, attributing Drake's feminine behavior to the BBL effect.

On August 3rd, TikTok user @stanthosh compiled a series of effeminate videos and photos of Drake, including one of a man who resembles Drake walking down the street in drag, titled "BBL DRAKE AESTHETIC," gaining over 417,000 views in three weeks.

Why Does This Joke Persist?


On August 7th, 2021, TikTok user @makimaismymommy posted a video titled "HES SO FRUITY I CANT," starting with a Boomerang and then showing a series of "fruity" photos of Drake. This video gained over 2.7 million views in just under three weeks.

We believe that BBL DRAKE posts always trend, and social media content creators share this trend to get more clicks. This indicates that the DRAKE BBL topic will continue for years to come.

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