Hande Dogandemir: I'm Not Against Aesthetics

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

Hande Dogandemir: I'm Not Against Aesthetics

Hande Dogandemir, who came to the agenda again with the TV series Hiding Our Mother, announced that she is not against aesthetics in an interview with Women's Shine magazine.

I'll Tell

Hande Doğandemir"I don't have any treatment, I would say if I did. I'm in favor of naturalness, but if I need it one day, I'll get it done." Hande Dogandemir said, "Unfortunately, there is social pressure on people about beauty.

She expressed that she was sorry about this situation and that everyone should accept herself as she is.

We Don't Have To Be Perfect

Hande Dogandemir and aestehetic"We're not going to be who society wants us to be."

Written on 09/05/2022


Last Update: 09/05/2022

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