Dr. Ben Talei: "Newme protects from scams."

Written by Emel Gerdaneri.

Dr.Ben Talei: “Websites like Newme are great platforms that prevent you from getting tricked.”

There is a message from Dr.Ben Talei: “Websites like Newme are great platforms that prevent you from getting tricked.”

Recently, the world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei talked to Newme. We asked him several questions about the Auralyft facelift procedure and cosmetic surgery market, and he answered all of our questions sincerely.

Ben Thai
After the interview, Natalia Grazziani, PR specialist of Dr. Ben Talei, shared a video of Dr. Ben Talei. In this video, Dr. Ben Talei both attracts attention to the importance of the platforms like Andnewme and talks about some esthetic clinics in Turkey which use patients’ photos without getting their permission.  He tells that in their social media accounts, some clinics talk about the results of the treatments of the patients (who have never visited their clinic) as if they have performed their procedures. He also asks us how we could help him with this piracy problem.
After having long conversations with Natalia Grazziani, we have learned much more about the issue.

We suggested to Dr.Ben Talei through Natalia, that he’d better make a video and explain the situation. And after that, we offered him to place watermarks for protection in each of the before-after photos.

Dr. Ben Talei emphasized that he has contacted the Turkish Medical Board to make complaints about the issue, however, he also stated that no one has returned him. The link that he sent to explain the situation and prove the piracy was the Instagram account of a clinic in Antalya. We told them the situation and asked them to remove the images but they didn’t respond. 

This is a common issue that our doctors in our country face too. This is a labor violation, yes, but taking some precautions can help doctors prevent this kind of problem.

As for now, placing watermarks that cannot be removed is a good solution to protect images. These watermarks have to be placed in the videos and stories too.

Here is the video of Dr. Ben Talei, in which he both explains this unpleasant situation and talks about the importance of the platforms like Newme:    

Written on 05/05/2021


Last Update: 10/01/2024

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