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          Best Gastric Sleeve Surgeons in Turkey

          Top Gastric Sleeve Surgeons for Celebrities in Turkey Many well-known figures who were struggling with excessive weight ...

          Top Gastric Sleeve Surgeons for Celebrities in Turkey

          Many well-known figures who were struggling with excessive weight have undergone gastric sleeve surgery, achieving almost a completely new appearance. These successful transformations highlight the effectiveness of gastric sleeve surgery in achieving remarkable results.

          If you're considering Gastric Sleeve surgery in Turkey, it's essential to find the best gastric sleeve surgeon and know the gastric sleeve price. Before gastric sleeve surgery, you should consult gastric sleeve doctors to understand the procedure and diet after gastric sleeve. The gastric sleeve diet is crucial for recovery and long-term success. Knowing the gastric sleeve surgery recovery time will help you plan your post-surgery life.

          Sharon Osbourne's experience with Ozempic has highlighted its potential benefits, but it's different from gastric sleeve surgery. Consulting with experienced gastric sleeve surgery doctors in Turkey will ensure you receive the best care and guidance.

          Businessman Hacı Sabancı's Gastric Sleeve Surgeon: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yerdel


          Hacı Sabancı

          Hacı Sabancı reached 128 kilograms before undergoing gastric sleeve surgery. Through a combination of exercise and careful dieting under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yerdel, he lost 50 kilograms and has maintained his weight since.


          Mehmet Ali Yerdel, MD

          Actress Pelin Öztekin's Gastric Sleeve Surgeon: Op. Dr. Murat Üstün


          Pelin Öztekin

          Pelin Öztekin, daughter of Turkish theater icon Rasim Öztekin, underwent gastric sleeve surgery and achieved a dramatic transformation. Starting at 153 kilograms in 2014, she lost 53 kilograms within six months post-surgery. Over time, she lost a total of 93 kilograms, reaching 60 kilograms. Op. Dr. Murat Üstün performed her surgery.


          Murat Ustun, MD

          Opera Singer Hakan Aysev's Gastric Sleeve Surgeon: Op. Dr. Metin Karadeniz


          Hakan Aysev

          Renowned Turkish opera singer and tenor Hakan Aysev also underwent gastric sleeve surgery after reaching 149 kilograms. Within 10 months, he lost approximately 60 kilograms, reaching 90 kilograms. He successfully alleviated several complaints such as tiredness upon waking and sleep apnea following the surgery performed by Op. Dr. Metin Karadeniz.


          Metin Karadeniz, MD

          Singer Işın Karaca's Gastric Sleeve Surgeon: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Altun


          Işın Karaca

          Işın Karaca is another success story of returning to a healthy life through gastric sleeve surgery. She lost 40 kilograms, reducing from 105 kilograms to 65 kilograms. Before the surgery, she had complaints related to obesity such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and thyroid issues, which were alleviated post-surgery.

          The operation was conducted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Altun has authored approximately 100 national and international journal articles and continues his academic research.


          Hasan Altun, MD

          Ballerina Burçin Orhon's Gastric Sleeve Surgeon: Prof. Dr. M. Mahir Özmen


          Burcin Orhon

          Burçin Orhon faced health problems due to excess weight and underwent gastric sleeve surgery, reducing from 106 kilograms to 83 kilograms, with ongoing weight loss. Prof. Dr. M. Mahir Özmen led the surgery.


          M. Mahir Ozmen, MD

          Theater Actress Çiçek Dilligil's Gastric Sleeve Surgeon: Prof. Dr. Murat Aksoy


          Cicek Dilligil

          Çiçek Dilligil underwent gastric sleeve surgery three years ago, resulting in a 30-kilogram weight loss and a rejuvenated life. Prof. Dr. Murat Aksoy performed the surgery.


          Murat Aksoy, MD

          Seren Serengil's Gastric Sleeve Surgeon: Prof. Dr. Alper Çelik


          Seren Serengil

          Seren Serengil lost 25 kilograms in just 3.5 months following gastric sleeve surgery. Prof. Dr. Alper Çelik performed the revision surgery when she experienced excessive weight loss.


          Alper Celik, MD

          Prof. Dr. Ahmet Türkçapar has performed gastric sleeve surgery for many celebrities.


          Ahmet Turkcapar, MD

          Dr. Ahmet Türkçapar is a General Surgeon renowned internationally for his expertise in Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery, with over 30 years of experience in the field. Throughout his career, he has been a pioneer in advancing the latest developments in Laparoscopic Surgery and has successfully treated more than 8,000 patients without complications.

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