8 Celebrities Who Had A Hair Transplant

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Written by Ece Yalcin.

8 Celebrities Who Had A Hair Transplant 

Hair loss is a common problem of people whether they are famous or not. As technology moves forward, hair transplant techniques are getting better than ever.

People who are satisfied with their hair transplant procedures encourage others to undergo a hair transplant.
kevin costner
While every ordinary person would like to look good, people from the celebrity world have no choice but to look good because they are always in front of the cameras. That explains why hair loss is a bigger problem for celebrities.

In this article, you will read about the 8 celebrities who decided to have a hair transplant.

Some of these celebrities are honest about their hair transplant surgery. They sincerely talk about their procedures. And most of them choose not to confess their hair transplant publicly. 

1. Wayne Rooney

wayne rooney
A former footballer of the Premier League, Wayne Rooney, had been going bald since his 20s.

He was pretty honest about his hair loss issue that he clearly stated that he had two hair transplants to get back his hair. He had his hair transplant in 2011.

The result of the procedure was quite satisfying for Rooney. After he got back the look that he had when he was young, all of his concerns about his physical image were gone. 

2. David Beckham

david beckham
Another former English football player, David Beckham, had hair transplants too.

David Beckham has always been an attractive personality when playing in the Premier League and after his retirement.

His hair was like his trademark with his tattoos. The fame of the soccer player increased thanks to his globally famous wife, Victoria.

When you are so famous and labeled with your good looking, hair loss is unacceptable. That was why Beckham decided to have a hair transplant.

He underwent more than one procedure, the last of which was three years ago. Today in his mid-40s, Beckham looks charming with his thickened hair. 

3. Elton John 

elton john
Sir Elton John, another English celebrity, had hair transplants too. After starting to lose his hair in his mid-30s, he decided to undergo a hair transplant procedure.

He confessed that he had two unsuccessful hair transplants years ago.

When Elton John had his first hair transplant procedure, the techniques were not so advanced. In addition, he didn’t follow his doctor’s instructions after the operation. After the recovery time, he lost the transplanted hair.

Years later than his unpleasant experience, he had another hair transplant in 2013 with the FUE technique. That time the results were satisfying. He still has thick hair in his 70s. 

4. Jamie Foxx

jamie foxx
The American actor and comedian Eric Marion Bishop, aka Jamie Foxx, had a hair transplant too. Even though he never confessed to having an operation, he seems like he had a hair transplant.

While his hairline seemed receded in his old pictures, now it looks lower while his hair looks thicker than ever. Plus, the tattoo on the back of his head may be hiding his scars from the hair transplant surgery. 

These are only assumptions that Jamie Foxx may have had a hair transplant. Whether he or his doctor doesn’t talk about his hair transplant, no one can be sure about his procedure. 

5. Ben Affleck 

ben afflack
Like Jamie Foxx, Ben Affleck is a celebrity who had a hair transplant procedure. He had a receding hairline in his old photos. His hair looks fuller and thicker in the recent photos. 

His hair loss grade was not so advanced that he had a receding hairline and a thinning part at the crown of his head. He started to look different in 2014, so he may have had his hair transplant in that year. 

6. Elon Musk

elon musk
The genius boy of our era, Elon Musk, looks charming with his bright eyes, self-confident look and attractive, full hair.

But he had not always been such charismatic. He had a receding hairline and thinning part on the top of his head.

Musk is another celebrity who has not confirmed whether or not he had a hair transplant. He might have gotten multiple procedures between 2010 to 2018. 

7. Stephanie Davis 

staphanie davis
Stephanie Davis is an actress who has undergone a hair transplant to have fuller hair and a lower hairline.

She stated that she had been thinking of a hair transplant since she was younger because the problem with her hair was very stressful for her.

Having struggled with her high forehead in school, she was called horrible names because of her hair’s look.

To be more self-confident, she decided to have a hair transplant. She is proof that hair transplant procedures are not only for men. 

8. Jimmy Carr 

jimmy carr
Jimmy Carr, the notorious comedian, is comfortable with his hair transplant procedure. He even discusses the details of it live on air. 
The comedian never tried to hide his hair transplant.

He stated that he wanted to undergo a hair transplant to have a lower hairline. His hair transplant was successful. The results were satisfying for him.

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Written on 04/11/2021


Last Update: 01/07/2022

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