Reliable address for perfect lips

I went to Dr. Baris with the recommendation of my friend and I got my lips done. I've had the procedure done in different Read More

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Ez*** Baris Ucuzcu, MD - 01.11.2022

My lips look fuller and thicker

Especially my upper lip was very thin and I was very uncomfortable with it. In my research on lip augmentation, I really Read More

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My lip filler result is truly amazing

My lips were very thin and I went to Doctor Nihal Koc to get rid of this image. She made lip fillers and thanks to her, I had Read More

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Ma*** Nihal Koc, MD - 28.10.2021

I had a combination of lip lift and non surgical face lift

I went to Dr. Cihan Bolat with the complaint of sagging and thin lips on my face. The doctor made a natural and full-looking Read More

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Dl*** Cihan Bolat, MD - 1 Comment 18.10.2021

With the lip filler, I caught the golden ratio

Dr. Elif is one of the rare doctors who work with the golden ratio. With the filling she made, the sad and tired expression Read More

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Na*** Elif Colak, MD - 03.08.2021

I also went for lip augmentation after rhinoplasty.

Hello, Mr. Köksal and I had crossed paths for rhinoplasty before. When I was satisfied with my nose surgery, I went to Read More

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Dr*** Koksal Yuca, MD - 10.03.2020

Lip Filling and Chin Filling together

Hello :) I had a dimple on my chin as if it was pressed with a finger.  I wanted my chin to look thinner and Read More

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The doctor I trust most for Lip Filling procedure

I have been getting lip fillers done at intervals of 6-8 months for about two years. The permanence of lip fillers is about 6 Read More

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